Cuppycake Challenge #1 Winner!

December 6, 2007 at 4:27 PM | Posted in 500CC, 500winner, cupcakes | 7 Comments

Thanks for your comments:  Nikki, Nina, Beth and Rachel! 

And the winner is… Click here to find out!

(Isn’t my new cuppycake logo so cute? Now if only I could figure out how to put an image with my title at the top. haha)

CONGRATULATIONS!  and thanks for supporting the Cuppycake 500 Cuppycake Challenge! :) 

Track your traveling cupcakes here.

Hope to see your comments again for Challenge #2!  Coming soon to a blog near you…



  1. LOL Clara! That video had me cracking up. You are so cute. :) I can’t wait to get my yummy cuppies!

  2. That drawing was rigged. Clara you totally looked into the bowl before you picked the name. You never should have taped it because now you’re never going to live it down. It’s all your fault I lost

  3. NB, I DID NOT look in the bowl. Nina won fair and square. I still have 499 cupcakes to go. I am 99.9% sure you will win at least once. Next time just bribe me like Nina did and you’ll win for sure. LOL.

  4. Yea, that’s right. I won fair and square. :)

  5. ::sticks tounge out at Nikki::

  6. you cheated Nina you bribed her

    ::sticks tounge out at Nina::

    C, I promise to still be your jbff if I win next time (as long as it’s not that feta and zucchini crap)

  7. ::Note to self-tell hubby to get a wordpress account so we can win cuppycakes from Clara!::

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