What makes a cupcake?

December 7, 2007 at 7:51 AM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 10 Comments

What makes a cupcake… a cupcake?

 Wikipedia definition:  (I wikipedia!)
A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, usually made in a small paper cup container. As with larger cakes, frosting and other cake decorations, such as sprinkles, are defining characteristics of modern cupcakes.

The reason behind my philosophical cupcake question stems from Cupcake Challenge #2. I was browsing through my 500 cupcake book for my 2nd cupcake and I had decided on Zucchini and Feta muffin since I have all the ingredients on hand.  There are no frosting or sprinkles on the muffin though.  So is a muffin a subcategory of cupcakes or is it really a different food entity on its own (and Fergal Connolly basically gipped me out of cupcake recipes)? 

::scratching forehead::

What do you think?

1.  Should I make the Feta and Zucchini Muffin b/c it IS a cupcake?


2.  Choose a “real” cupcake?



  1. Sound like a muffin to me, which isn’t really a cupcake. However, you could always add a little frosting and try to claim it as a cupcake. I’d vouch for you. I’ve certainly made some questionable cupcakes.

  2. HAHA. I LOVE that you say you’d vouch for me! hmmm… that *is* a good idea… a frosting of some sort. thanks for your suggestion! I might defer that one a bit later then til I figure out what “frosting” goes with feta and zucchini. Back to the drawing board.. err… cupcake book! ;)

  3. Cupcake. Muffin. I don’t care what you call them I wouldn’t make them. Yuckalicious

  4. Nikki, I don’t think it sounds THAT bad. You’re just pickylicious. pickle hater. nft

  5. Those sound yummy! I would make them. Since they sound a little greek maybe you could top them with a roasted red pepper hummus as “frosting” =)

  6. BB, that is a GREAT idea! ::writing post-it to remember:: or what about pesto cream cheese “frosting”?

  7. Pesto cream cheese sounds even better!

  8. Hmm, I think I better win the drawing for the Feta and Zuccini cupcakes with pesto cream cheese “frosting” :)

  9. totally a muffin. :) i think what makes a cupcake is the frosting. hmm good question, i’m going to have to post this question on my site.

  10. Thanks for the comment, Mama! Please do ask on your site. I would love to read more opinions on the “whats a cupcake” question. I *think* I already have it but just in case I am mistaken… Whats your site?

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