The Cuppy is coming…

December 8, 2007 at 4:39 PM | Posted in 500CC, cupcakes, random | 3 Comments

I am starting to side with the argument that muffins are NOT cupcakes so I changed my mind and decided not to do the Zucchini and Feta muffins for Cupcake Challenge #2 (at least not right away until I find a suitable “frosting”).  Are you happy now Mrs. Pickylicious?  ;)

Right now I am torn between 2 cupcakes to bake next so bare with me while I weigh some important aspects of my decision (ie available ingredients, taste, colors, flavor combinations, time etc).  Don’t I sound like a cupcake snob?  LOL.

But don’t worry!  The cuppy is coming…



  1. Ohh a post while I’m on your blog. YAY it’s just for me. I know it!

  2. Ok so I posted before I read :P Yes, Mrs. (it’s still cool to see Mrs by the way) Pickilicious is much happier.

  3. I know right?! I got all giddy when I wrote “Mrs”. We’re such dorks. teehee.

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