Cupcake shipping logistics

December 10, 2007 at 6:10 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 5 Comments

My subject lines makes me laugh.  Sounds all technical and stuff.  Its so not.  LOL. 

This post is dedicated to CUPCAKEPROJECT and TATTOOED MAMA.  Thanks for comments and questions!

As for cupcake shipping, I’ve only shipped one so I am not sure if its a “success” yet.   I put them in a little cake slice box, unfrosted with some parchment paper and tissue paper to keep it from moving.  Of course a cupcake isn’t fun without the toppings and frosting right?  So I put the toppings in a zippy and the frosting in another zippy so they can be decorated after they receive it.  Then I put everything in a box stuffed with newspaper and bubble wrap.

(Isn’t the frosting idea cute?  I already pushed it down in a corner so when they get it all they have to do is snip off the corner and start piping!)

See?  Told you it wasn’t very technical but hopefully it works.  Nina, come back with an update when you get it, k?  ;)

If anyone has other ideas, please let me know!  I also wanna find those take out cupcake containers that have individual grooves for each cupcake.  Where can I get them for a good wholesale price?



  1. Wow.. a post dedicated to me. I’m so excited! Thanks for explaining how it works. That’s a very cute idea. I’m curious to hear from the recipients how it arrived.

  2. Hi Stephani (aka tattooed mama?). For some reason I feel like Stephanie matches tattooed mama. I have no data to match my hypothesis but I am right… right?? haha. Do you ship cupcakes? Just curious if you ship differently. I’d like to be able to ship *with* the frosting but I can’t see how it would work. Any ideas?

  3. The suprise has been revealed. hee hee. I just checked on the UPS site, and it says they are out for delivery, woo hoo! I’ll be sure and post a picture and everything when I open the box. I’m so excited!

  4. DARN! I totally forgot to put a disclaimer on this entry for you Nina. oops! I hope your cupcakes are delivered unsmashed. Smashed cupakes = no bueno!

  5. […] ship the perfect flawless frosted cuppy for a few months now. Unfrosted cuppys proved to be fairly easy to ship, but frosted have been a challenge. Initial tries were unsuccessful to say the […]

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