Cupcake Challenge Winner #2

December 11, 2007 at 11:43 AM | Posted in 500CC, 500winner, cupcakes | 10 Comments

I need to rethink this cupcake give away thing. I have multiple people commenting (mind you, I am not complaining!) but they weren’t interested in the flavor of the current cupcake as their “prize”. I thought I was so smart rewarding for comments but obviously I outsmarted myself. I hate when that happens! I don’t want the lack of comments to come from NOT wanting the cupcake.  Thanks to Nikki’s genius which she probably didn’t realize at the time which makes it even more genius in my book,  here’s my new idea!

Since I like comments (I am a CW [comment whore] after all), here’s my alternative. I am giving you a choice. Don’t you love choices? I know I do!

If you win the 500 cupcake challenge drawing…

A. I will ship you a sample of the current cupcakes.


B. You will be choosing the next Cupcake Challenge that I bake!  Here are the choices this time:
— Classic Chocolate Buttercream
— White Chocolate Vanilla Chai
— Strawberry and White Chocolate

(hmmm… I must have a chocolate craving huh?!)

Personally I think its win win.  If you pick the next cupcake, I am bound to bake one you want to taste test, right?  LOL. 

Without further ado… THE WINNER IS—


I figured it was only fair since she inadvertently (by complaining! LOL) gave me the new cupcake winner idea! I am assuming Nikki will choose to pick the next cupcake so leave me a comment and tell me what you want me to bake from the 3 choices! Thanks to everyone who have consistently commented and support the 500 Cupcake Challenge.  Until next time…

EDIT:  Per Nikki’s continuing brillancy (I like making up words, its the Rachael Ray in me!),  you comment on the current cupcake to enter the drawing to choose the next cupcake I bake and I’ll ship you the cupcake you picked!  Now its definitely win win.  GENIUS.   



  1. Not fair. This drawing was rigged! ;)

  2. Hahaha yes it was :P and Clara I already told you what to make next

    And actually I think I have an even better idea. The winner (me) gets to pick the next cuppycake AND you send me one of the ones I picked. Then the next winner picks the next cuppycake and gets one of those. I think that really is more fair.

    Can you tell that I want a chocolate cupcake?

  3. ::smacks forehead:: there is no pleasing ppl! Let me think about your idea some more and get back to you. Its too cerebral and I have a headache! haha.

  4. OOH! Here’s an idea: Make all 3, send them to me and I will sample them and tell you which one is the winner!

  5. Haha Beth my idea was clearly better because mine is now in t he rule book hahahah

  6. Darn Nikki! I tried! :) I’m with nina, this drawing was rigged!

  7. Do you think if we went on strike and stopped commenting on her blog, she’d send all of us cuppycakes to gets us to return with comments??

    Anyone with me? :) (j/k clara!)

  8. WHOA! I’ve started a cupcake riot!! Strike strike strike! Just calm down… everyone just calm down.

    ::note to self:: Keep an eye on Beth. She’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

  9. how can i contact you?? email me at


  10. White Chocolate Vanilla Chai!!!!!! that sounds divine.

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