Save the dragees!

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I have been drooling over ALL the photos on Cupcake Takes the Cake flickr group and looking endlessly for those decorative silver balls (they also come in other colors too) called dragees (pronounced dra-jeys) that many cupcake-ers use in their fabulous cupcake creations.

(photo credit: kylie_lambert)

(photo credit: MeganYoung)

(photo credit: Cups’N’Cakes)

(photo credit: hello_naomi)

But I was really surprised when I could not find these elusive suckers anywhere! I checked 3 different grocery store cake aisles and Michaels craft store but nothing. After a little research I learned that no one sells dragees in California. It’s against the law. WHAT?? Of course the next question is … why?   For more information read “The Grinch ESQ That Stole The Christmas Dragees”. (Obviously not the real article title but I like mine better don’t you?)  I appreciate safety like the next person but where is the research/proof to back up the lawsuits?  Just curious if the lawsuits got settled what did the Grinch get? I suppose his argument is caution before hindsight. But come on… christmas cupcake decorations? LIVE A LITTLE!  I don’t want to overdose on them — I just wanna decorate my damn cupcake!

Now I am a law abiding citizen. I drive the speed limit (well most of the time), don’t do drugs, don’t steal or hurt people maliciously BUT I have to draw the line at dragees. I did a google search (google is your friend) and came across many dragees websites. Some were more law abiding than me and have a disclaimer (right at the top in bright purple so you can’t miss it!) that they DO NOT ship to California while others have the “don’t ask don’t tell” capitalist philosophy. 

So… I might not be able to walk a couple blocks to my local corner market like a fellow Bostonian I know but for now a little extra effort will eventually get me some silver balls until the day dragees are free from persecution in California again…

PS. Ebay has IT.  ;)

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  1. Yes! Sauvez les draguees!

  2. Totally wild! My mom used to decorate cookies with dragees and I loved them! See, you so need to move to Indiana with me. :)

  3. I remember those when I was a kid. I loved them! Boo that you can’t buy them here anymore.

  4. i’ve seen those at the stores here. i guess the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has declared dragees as non-edible and requires jars to carry labels saying they’re “for decoration only.”

  5. Clara – I guess I’ve been living under a rock becuase I had no clue you had this wonderful cupcake blog now!
    ::bowing down to all things cupcake::
    Now I’m hungry! Love the blog :) Kristi

  6. CAKESPY, ooohhh a français comment. thats uber sexy! Vive les draguees! parlez-vous le français? Je peux parler un peu.

    TATTOOEDMAMA, now I am jealous. Trade you my cupcake necklace for some TN dragees? ;)

    KRMWV, w00t w00t! how you been girlie!? I am kinda miffed that you *just* found my cuppycake blog. I put a link in my food blog. How did you miss it? You must not have me in your GR huh? :( Hope you’ve learned your lesson. haha.

  7. So, apparently they aren’t for sale in OK either, I keep looking, but can’t find any. :(

  8. I’ve been looking for them forever and just found this out. That’s so ridiculous.
    I want to put them on my cake!

    Stupid California :[

  9. OMG!!!!!!!! So I know this is an old post but I just recently found out that dragees were illegal! So I sent a email to that lawyer since I do live in the same county as him. <3

  10. NINABETH, bummer. :(

    MARINA, I am glad I am not the only one not worried about silver poisoning. I just wanna decorate my cake! LOL

    MADISON, ::high five:: for emailing! You’ll have to tell me if you get a reply back, k?

  11. well i was just wondering is cali. the only state that you can not buy dragees for your bakeing decor? and if so could they sent to someone you know in another state like las vegas.

  12. ANNA, I think there are a few other states besides CA that dragees are illegal but I am not which ones. I have friends that buy dragees in their home state and just ship it to me. Kind of a PITA but it works. ;)

  13. Maybe a petition might work?

  14. WOW!!! So THAT”S why I can’t find them!!! They would be PERFECT on the cake I am decorating…. not only has it drove ME crazy trying to find them here in California…. but I have my boyfriend on a wild goose chase (do I really have to tell him, or could this turn into a disappointment which he ALWAYS makes up for with something bigger and better?) While I REALLY wanted some pretty little silver Dragees to decorate with, perhaps the disappointment will be lessen when he brings home a shiny little REAL SILVER decoration for my hand!!

  15. Oh! My that’s why I havent’ been able to find them. This is so silly are they concerned about chocking or are they not edible I recall them when I was a kid(like over 50 years ago) but this is just silly where to go to get a petion going…

  16. My friends and I always find it funny that dragees are illegal but all you guys can buy guns if you want – hahaha

  17. Thanks for the info; been linking for silver draftees for months and had no idea they eere illegal. Amazon prices are steep; ebay is much better–thanks! Another crazy California law that we all have to live with–why? Are they poisonous or did some actor break a tooth? ;-) **sigh** Dragees are absent here in Connecticut too! Good grief–don’t our law makers have more important crimes to focus on? I agree, we just want to decorate cupcakes.

  18. Now that kids have been trained into thinking that ball bearings are food, they’re eating spherical magnets, too, which is fatal. So now the CPSC is banning spherical magnets. Thanks, guys.

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