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December 15, 2007 at 8:52 AM | Posted in cupcakes, shipping | 5 Comments

Ever since the beginning of the 500 Cupcake Challenge, I’ve been searching for a better way to ship cupcakes to each winner. I knew that my little cake box wouldn’t cut it for what I ultimately want to do — figure out a way to ship fully frosted and decorated cupcakes while minimizing the “smush” factor. What cupcake-er doesn’t right?

I have a good friend (we’ll call her NB for short) who is my go-to girl for any questions food and/or food related. I am always bouncing ideas off of her and it takes a really good friend to tell you when your ideas suck. LOL. uh… thanks NB? ;) Of course this time was no different than any other and her quick-draw google fingers found me a possible solution!

Presenting the… Four Cupcake Holder & Box Set

You can order the 4 cupcake holder and box set from among other box sizes ranging from 1 to 36 cupcakes. They also have mini cupcake inserts too! (I am way too excited about this! LOL) I think the pricing is reasonable and you get free UPS ground shipping with all orders in the US. Who doesn’t like FREE? ;)

I am not sure how tightly the insert holds the cupcake immoveable but I think it has some great potential. I might have to play around with the design and tweek it but I am excited to get my order and test it out! Hopefully my 500 Cupcake Challenge fans won’t mind waiting about 7-10 days for the next challenge while UPS is delivering my new improved cupcake box. ;)



  1. yay!!!!!! what a great idea.

  2. Who is this NB that you speak of? I created the Clara Monster and I can take her out too if she’s cheating on me :P

  3. “I’ll never telllll….”

    (say it like that horror movie line)

  4. Hmm, you could always wrap tissue paper or bubble wrap perhaps around the bottom of the cuppy so it’ll fit tighter….

  5. ooohh good idea! :: writing post-it ::

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