“You need this ring”

December 16, 2007 at 7:34 AM | Posted in cupcakes, jewelry | 4 Comments

^ That was the subject of a recent email that I got from a friend yesterday.


Do my friends know me or what? Personally I am not a huge fan of yellow gold BUT if this ring was white gold/platinum with a ruby “cherry” I’d be whipping out the credit card right now! (Ruby is my birthstone) Hmmm… I wonder if its too late to drop a hint to my husband and our jeweler? Christmas is just around the corner… LOL.

After my friend put the idea of “cupcake jewelry” into my head, I did a google search (Google rules!) and came up with more cute cupcake jewelry ideas for the cupcake lover in your life.

This pink pave cubic zirconia cupcake necklace is from http://www.emitations.com. If you do a search – keyword cupcake – on their main page there are a couple variations ranging from $25 – $55.

Do you remember scratch and sniff stickers? (Am I showing my age here?) They smelled so good you were tempted to eat those sticky pieces of paper? Try http://www.tinycravings.com to customize your own cupcake jewelry from flavor of cupcake, type of frosting complete with sprinkles or cherry and scent! All that for $25.

Don’t have a personal jeweler? Now you can… and you never have to leave your house! You submit your design to http://www.youdesignwecreate.com and they will custom make it for you! Pricing varies with design…

One of my favorite cupcake sites is SugarToppers for her original lampwork cupcake creations. I love the colors and for $24 (not including chain) its a must have for any cupcake lover’s Christmas this year! Also check out other etsy stores by doing a search – keyword cupcakes – on the main etsy.com page.

If you wanna spend some beaucoup bucks on your cupcake jewelry, check out http://www.tiffany.com for their 18K gold and gemstone cupcake collection. Prices ranging from $3750 – $1250. Pocket change right? haha.

Hope you enjoyed “shopping” with me!  Now I am off to add a few more cupcake related thing(s) to my christmas list.  ;)



  1. love it. i featured that ring on allthingscupcake.com a few days back.

  2. way cool! GMTA (great minds think alike)

  3. Yes they do considering it was MY mind. Geeze Clara why do you always try to take credit for everything I do?

    I have another one for you. I kinda hate the chain, but the cupcake charms are scented w00t w00t


  4. dude!! I didn’t say it was “my” great mind per se right? LOL. PS. scented jewelry rules! ;)

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