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December 18, 2007 at 8:31 PM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 12 Comments

WOW!  1000+ hits!  I can’t believe its only been 2 weeks!  Huge thanks and appreciation to all my readers who helped make this moment possible.  I feel like I’ve reached a blogger’s milestone.  In honor of my quadruple digit stats, I feel the urge to buy myself a cupcake related item.  Seriously, do I really need a reason though? LOL. 

From lowest to highest price… my cupcake wish list!

*Any numbers with letters were reader finds after the list was originally published. 

1A. Cupcake wrapping paper $2.75/sheet
Finders credit: KRMWV
What an adorable pattern but I love it so much I probably wouldn’t use it to wrap a gift and give away! LOL

1. Cup-a-cake $2.99/each
Not sure how realistic a container for one would be but maybe to take a cupcake to work for lunch or snack? *shrugs* I still want it though. haha.

2. Cupcake cookbook $10.19
Even though I have 3 other cupcake recipe books, I still want more! I am addicted to cupcake pictures.

3. Cupcake cookbook $12.21
Yet another cupcake cookbook… its an addiction I tell ya!

4. Cupcake bowls $16/each
Red one please! I have no idea what I’d put in it (jewelry?) but I love how simple and sleek they look!

5. Cupcake ipod speakers $16/pair
For the serious ipod cupcake-er! What will ipod think of next?

6. Cupcake Goddess Apron $16.98
I could always use another apron. What cupcake-er couldn’t right?

7. Muffins are just ugly cupcakes tshirt $16.99
This tshirt made me literally cackle so now I just have to have it. Ugly muffins. bahaha.

8. Will trade husband for cupcake tank top $19.99
Since I am still a newlywed (under 6 months is still newlywed right?) I find anything that says “husband” makes me giddy.

9. Cupcake timer $23.95
How cute is this?? Must have for baking…

10. Cupcake cake pan $27.95
This would make my perfect birthday cake: a GIANT cupcake. Fit for turning 21. (Yup! thats my age and it was the same last year too!)

11. Cupcake Courier $29.99
I know I already have a cupcake caddy but I like this one because you can also convert it to a sheet cake caddy too. I like the versatility. Too bad they don’t have red, but it also comes in pink (just for you, NB!) and yellow.

12A. Cupcake rain boots $59.95
Finders credit: KRMWV
I think rain boots on some people are way cute, but me? meh… not so much. But I can rock flip flops! ;)

12. Scanty Cupcake Pajamas $100
Check out that price tag! Why do I tend to love frivolous expensive things? Gimme gimme! Now if that price tag made me look as skinny as the model wearing the PJs, it would be worth it! Do you think she’s ever eaten a cupcake?

(Click image to enlarge)
13. Johnny Cupcake purse $249.99
Must.have.purse, but don’t know why!? haha. After looking at the price tag, probably aint gonna happen until my money making plan kicks in aka winning lottery! Hmm… that reminds me, I better buy a ticket first. ;)

Leave a comment and tell me what to buy! What you like, what you hate, reviews, other cupcake suggestions, anything!

BONUS BUY: Isn’t this “cupcake” product hilarious?



  1. I own #1 and they do work … I actually saw them in red last night and thought of you :)

    But if you’re getting yourself something you need to spend more than like $3 so I vote for #’s 8, 9 and 11.

    8 – come on it’s funny
    9 – adorable
    11- you’ve wanted one for a long time

  2. … and you didn’t buy it for me?? wtf? and I thought we were friends. ::sniff sniff:: LOL. Totally agree that #8 is a must buy.

  3. Umm if you saw the line in the store you would know why I didn’t buy it for you. Don’t worry they’ll still be there when the lines die down and Santa Nikki may drop one down your chimney

  4. wheeeeee!! w00t w00t! ::squeal::

  5. Okay, I’m coming to comment since I got chastised for not doing it quick enough (I keed, I keed) although I did find you nifty wrapping paper. :P I agree with Nikki, buy something expensive, although I LURVE the ugly muffin t-shirt!

  6. haha. whatever! You love my cupcake blog as much as me. and yes, credit to K for the cuppycake wrapping paper find! Love it!

  7. I think the timer is adorable =)

  8. me too! I wonder how big the timer is… the picture makes it look HUGE!

  9. Thank you so much for posting my Ugly Cupcake tshirt (in cafepress shop.. hehe) If I could send you a free tshirt, I would! lol

    Coming soon: Emo cupcake and Muffins VS Cupcakes showdown… cowboy style.. hehe

  10. TAMZ, emo cupcake! muffins vs cupcake! They both so hilarious! Can’t wait to see them!

  11. Hi! I love #5! I want to buy the speakers SO badly, but where can you find them for the $16/per that you posted! Please let me know ASAP!

  12. Hi there! Wow. This list brings me down memory lane. Regarding your question: I found mine on Ebay. You just have to be diligent and sometimes it pops up on there. Good luck!

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