PSA: Zero calorie cupcake?

December 18, 2007 at 7:25 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 8 Comments


Well not really since there’s more to cupcakes than just the “sugar” caloric content but Swerve boasts their sugar alternative product has/is:

· zero calorie / zero glycemic index
· perfect for cooking and baking
· no digestive discomfort
· safe for diabetics
· prebiotic activity
· does not cause tooth decay

One cupcakery in Dallas, TX put it to the test with their own cupcakes. “It is an incredibly moist cake. I think it’s so close you would never tell a difference.” However “…by the end of the day, the cupcakes had hardened.” Who wants hard cupcakes? Can you say 50% off at the end of the day? teehee.

Side note: There’s a store I sometimes buy baguettes from towards the end of the day because they bake them fresh every morning and don’t resell day old bread so any bread left at the end of the day is 50% off BUT their bread is still soft and yummy even at the end of the day. SCORE! and now you know my other dirty secret: Carb addict!

Maybe I’ll have to do my own taste test since Swerve is sold at Whole Foods, but at $13.99/lb (and no the decimal is not in the wrong place!), I might have to stick to my good ol traditional granulated and confectioner sugar until they come out with a “cheaper” healthy sugar alternative.



  1. Well, if they became hard by the end of the day, you could shelack them and make bookends, etc. out of them

  2. ^ good call Kristi. $13.99 for cute cupcake bookends is a steal

  3. Well aren’t you both just too damn funny for your own good?! ha ha. shelack bookends… I mean come on reeeeeally? Then again you might be on to something since shelack = yucky taste = not good to eat = 0 calories!

  4. Do you know how this differs from Splenda?

  5. ZEBE, honestly I am not sure. Maybe you could check out both websites for comparison? If you do bake with it, definitely let me know how it works!

  6. Swerve is awesome for baking… not sure why those cupcakes got hard. I’ve cooked with it dozens of times and have great results. The fact that it measures just like sugar is amazing. I’ve used other natural alternatives in the past… they are nothing compared to Swerve. The best part is it doesn’t upset your stomach. I know $13.99 seems high, but honestly there’s nothing out there that compares. It’s definitely worth it for me to be able to eat sweets again.

  7. I have been using swerve for over a year. I have made bread pudding, candied nuts and baked cookies of all kinds with it. the cool thing is that most of the food I make does not last long. The fact that we can now make something as awesome as bread pudding with very little calories just makes it worth it.

  8. LOVESWERVE and SWERVECHEF, glad to hear that its a sweet alternative for you.

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