The Dragees Hunter

December 20, 2007 at 6:14 PM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 9 Comments

The crocodile hunter aint got nothing on the … DRAGEES HUNTER!

After reading my monologue on the sad fate of endangered “silver balls” in California, K and her dog CoCo were on a mission to help this California native procure some extinct cupcake decor known by its scientific name – dragees.

CoCo’s mission impossible (should she chose to accept it) is comparable to a st. bernard in deep mountain snow with a brandy barrel strapped to his neck searching for lost travelers. Except CoCo is a 4 lb (we can’t confirm or deny this though since all women lie about their weight right?) chihuahua, that wouldn’t tolerate anything strapped to her neck, looking for an inanimate decorative sprinkle. Meh… same difference.

As the message via doggy treat disintegrated ie she ate it (hey thats how spy dogs roll so they don’t leave a paper trail duh?!) CoCo put on her hooded cammies and set off on her mission. Her keen sense of smell was what made her double 0 status and this mission was no different. Her rapidly vibrating nose lead her to the local market around the corner. As she kept her distance from market shoppers, hiding behind shelves, dodging shopping carts, she headed directly for the baking aisle. Imagine her surprise when the dragees shelf was empty. RUFF?? Coco exclaimed!

(photo credit: KRMWV)

After 1 week of searching the mission was aborted (chihuahua’s got a union, who knew??) and the dragees are still no where to be found. Sources tell me that Tom Cruise is being recruited but his $20M going rate is a pretty steep price.

 Who will take on the mission next?

** No chihuahuas were hurt in the making of this entry.



  1. Okay…can’t stop laughing… :) I love it!! CoCo to the rescue!!!!

  2. i know where to find those beloved dragees.

  3. APRIL, I am seriously cracking up! Glad we have the same sense of humor. CoCo rocks!

    TATTOO, you’re a meaniepoopoohead. tell me!!

  4. ROFLMAO Clara!! Too funny & glad I could help :) On a side note, I need to go check up on these union benefits, shouldn’t I be getting a kickback considering I feed, bathe & spoil the crap out of this dog….hmm…

  5. I can’t stop laughing!! I love the dogs paw holding the bag!!!!!!!!!

  6. KRMWV, I agree a chihuahua kickback is definitely due but do you really wanna take on the “Chihuahua for their fair share of bones, baths and rub downs” union? I didn’t think so…

    KAT, hey girl! I didn’t know you read my cuppycakes blog. I promise I don’t eat all these cupcakes ;) Glad to see you coming out of lurkdom to leave a comment! Keep them coming… w00t w00t!

  7. so.freaking.funny!
    I’m laughing like a fool at my desk right now. You’re an awesome blogger Clara, keep it up!

  8. the only place they don’t ship too is ca. they have them here.. um…

    see what i’m saying?
    email me!!

    your secret spy

  9. to*

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