My Cuppycake Christmas

December 23, 2007 at 10:57 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 5 Comments

Nothing says love like home baked gifts.  :)

We always spend Christmas Eve with my husband’s whole family at his aunt’s house.  We gorge ourselves on amazing food (my favorite part. LOL), reminisce about past christmases and open presents while drinking hot chocolate.  Of course the kids love it because they don’t have to wait an extra 12 hours to open their gifts on Christmas morning while the parents love it because they can sleep in on Christmas day since the kids aren’t waking them up at 3am to open gifts.  Its win win!  ;)

This year I decided to use my cupcake “skills” and flickr cupcake group as inspirations to create inexpensive (but hopefully delicious) gifts for my husband’s family.

I made 4 different gingerbread cupcakes. (hello my name is obvious. LOL) 

Even though it took me a long time (I lost count after 4 hours) I had so much fun creating each cupcake. I have to admit that I am still not that great at filling piping bags without frosting squirting out of the wrong end but I am getting better. LOL.

The icing on the cupcake (sorry I couldn’t resist the bad pun! haha) is getting my cupcake boxes before Christmas! I decided to use this opportunity to test them out on my cupcake gifts.

A little curly red and green ribbon and a christmas tag makes these cupcakes the perfect gift! Don’t you think? ;)

Whew! I am exhausted and cupcaked out! This will probably be my last entry until after the New Year. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your families… See you on the flip side!

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  1. You are a regular Martha Stewart

  2. beautiful!

  3. Luve em!

  4. You so put the rest of us to shame!!!

  5. So purdy. :)

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