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What Would You Bake?

If you were invited to a friend’s house for a chimichanga dinner, what cupcake flavor would you bring for dessert?  chocolate?  red velvet?  fruity?

(photo credit: Dallas Food)

 Suggestions needed before Saturday 12noon PST.  Thanks!  :)

EDIT: Dinner rescheduled for next Saturday, Jan 12th since friend’s hubbie was sick. So keep the suggestions coming…



  1. Hmm, I would make something fruity, lime is coming to mind. Oooh! Do you have the recipe for the Key Lime WW pie? Omg, so tasty. THAT is what you should make. :)

  2. You could bake any flavor in a tortilla chip instead of a cupcake cup. It’s fun and keeps with the theme.


  3. NINA, oooh lime might be a nice tangy flavor after some spicy mexican. I’ll have to look for some mini pie crusts.

    CUPCAKEPROJECT- those are just too cute!! I might have to take a stab at those! thanks :)

  4. Cinnamon and Chocolate…and or maybe some chili…Chocolate goes well with mexican food, It is used in a number of South American savory/spicy dishes!

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