How do they do it?

January 7, 2008 at 2:58 PM | Posted in cupcakes, shipping | 17 Comments

My current cupcake conundrum is how to ship fully frosted cupcakes for my Cuppycakes 500 Cupcake Challenge winners and I started wondering…

How do the “professionals” do it?

One cupcakery that has taken on the challenge is the TeaCake Bakeshop in Emeryville, California. But it will cost you a pretty penny. Actually about 4500 pennies. Yes, those preceeding numbers are correct. That is $45.00 for 9 cupcakes!! and that doesn’t include next day air shipping – which is an additional $26.95. That brings the total to a whomping $71.95!

What do you get for $71.95? Well thanks for asking! Their cupcake menu offers 14 different themed cupcake gift boxes ranging from baby to wedding to season inspired.

Now I love cupcakes as much as the next person but Wow… for cupcakes? You’d think the price would deter customers but if they are offering it as a product someone must be buying… maybe its disbelieving potential customers like me?

Now this I gotta see!

So I came up with a fun way to “earn” the money. Remember I mentioned pennies earlier? I’ve always been fascinated when I see pennies on the street and no one ever picks them up (I admit… I am guilty as charged) and it got me thinking – if I find 7195 street pennies and donate that penny(s) to the Cuppycakes How to Ship a Cupcake Fund, I could find out how the above mentioned professionals ship their cupcakes and spread the secret on… Meh. Let’s make it an even 7200 pennies. I gotta have something to tip the UPS guy right?

Crazy idea? totally.

Gonna take forever? probably (but who says there’s a time limit?)

After writing this entry I am heading straight for my apt parking lot where I walked passed 5 pennies yesterday! LOL.

I’ll be updating my penny stats on the side for anyone that is interested. Let the penny pinching begin…

UPDATE: After collecting close to 1000 pennies I figured out my own shipping solution and discontinued the penny pinching. If you are interested, you can read about my simple shipping solution here.



  1. Too funny Clara. All your ideas crack me up.

  2. ::bowing:: TY TY. I’ll be here all night. haha.

  3. LMAO you are crazy

  4. As usual I have a better idea. You should just email them to see how they do it. Pretend you’re going to buy them and ask a million questions.

    Then you can put your pennies towards Chicago


  5. Actually Miss SmartyPants… I did try emailing them and no reply. ah well. All’s fair in love and cupcake shipping.

  6. That is fabulous! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out! I plan on shipping some cupcakes this week… wish me luck!

  7. NIKITA, oh you’ll definitely have to let me know how your shipping escapades go! I am always on the lookout for a new idea. ps. Nice to “meet” you! :)

  8. I will definitely keep you informed! The professionals can’t keep us in the dark forever! :)

  9. Okay, my cupcakes are packed and hiding in my freezer. I am planning to ship them out tomorrow via overnight delivery (assuming of course I don’t forget to get them before heading to work in the morning!).

    With luck I will post a blog entry outlining the success of my attempts!

  10. NIKITA, I am so curious! Definitely update with results!

  11. Success! The cupcakes arrived intact! :) Shipping isn’t cheap though. The box was $5 and the shipping was $10 for overnight delivery with Canada Post (that includes a tracking number and some insurance).

    My friends were all very happy!

  12. NIKITA, thats awesome! Share your secret. How’d you pack it? details… details!

  13. The details are up on my blog! :) I added some photos too. The plastic cupcake trays were free. I just went to the grocery store bakery and asked for some. I ended up with 6 of them.

  14. NIKITA, thats so awesome that your grocery store gave them to you for free! Mine wasn’t as nice :(

  15. That’s too bad! You need to find a new store!

  16. So I’m trying to figure out the same thing…did you figure it out? Please…do tell. LOL

  17. TARANEH, I figured out one way. Its not as good as the professionals but it works for me! Click here. If you try it let me know what you think!

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