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I can’t believe its January 2008 already! Usually around this time (or before) people are buying new calendars to ring in the New Year. You know what I realized though… I never buy calendars for myself. Every year I always seem to get them for christmas gifts from one person or the other. This year I was lucky enough to get 2 of the same calendar (do my family/friends know me well or what?) so I am passing on my cupcake calendar fortune to one of my lucky readers!

Do you want to win this calendar?

Its still unopened in the plastic wrapping. All you have to do to win is leave a comment and tell me what your New Years Resolution is (also don’t forget to include your email address so I can contact you for address). Try to be specific. Less than 5% of ppl that make a NYR actually follow through because its too broad and/or not planned out well so they fail before they really start. Take some time. Think about it. Write down how you plan to accomplish it! and… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

DEADLINE: Sunday, January 13th @ 12mid PST.

Winner to be announced soon after…



  1. my new years resolution is to be more organized! i NEED a 2008 calendar to write appts in. i am currently relying on the back of my 2007 calendar to remember what day it is….. oh how i would love thissssssss!

  2. Dang Jess! You’re fast! I seriously laughed reading your comment about still using your 2007 calendar! LOL.

  3. My new year resolution is to be more active physically, and that means hitting the gym twice a week!

    Love to win a copy of this deliciously beautiful calendar!

  4. oh it’s true. you know have they give you a small glimpse of 2008 in like a 100×100 square box.. i sometimes have to cross out the days that passed because it’s so small to see and i get confused.

    i’m totally serious.

  5. I know this sounds like a semi crazy resolution but, I resolved to not listen to my biological clock/the request of my mother in law/ Being surrounded by young military wives all of whom are pregnant and or have 2.5 children. And basically not get pregnant this year… Wow that is possibly too much information. I am also resolving to make use of my cupcake baking recipe books I received for christmas!

  6. My New Year’s resolution is…not to have any new year’s resolution! I’ve realised that I fall into the category of 95% of the population by making new resolutions each year that I could only follow through up till the 3rd day of the year. And so, I guess my new year’s resolution is to have a daily/weekly resolution, rather than one to last the whole year. This way, there’d be a higher chance of me following through each resolution! :)

    And a lovely cupcake calendar would be just perfect for me to jot down my resolution for the day/week… Hehe :p

  7. KIERRA, I am with you! That was my NYR last year to lose weight for my wedding but now that the wedding’s over I don’t wanna stop! I go to the gym about 3-4x (sometimes 5x if I am really motivated) a week. I admit that I don’t eat as healthy as I should (hello? I love cupcakes!) but I think the first thing is knowing your body. For me its more about being active than the food. I don’t think I am too rigid with what I eat but as long as I stay active I don’t gain weight. GL with your NYR! You can do it!

    ASHELY, omg! Girl after my own heart!! I am getting the BOTB from my mother, MIL, friends that have kids, friends that don’t have kids. STOP THE INSANITY! I am not a baby hater in the least. Actually I adore children but *I* don’t want kids. Why is that so hard to understand??

    OVENHAVEN, makes sense to me. I think thats why so many ppl fail. They only make a resolution once a year so many think it has to be this big overwhelming goal. It doesn’t have to be. To succeed it needs to be something you can achieve. “I want to lose weight” (too broad) vs “I want to lose 10lbs by going to the gym at least 1-2-3x a week”. (specific with plans) Know what I mean? GL with your every-week-resolution ;)

  8. Blah … New years resolutions are for people who want to make themselves feel like they’re going to change the world at the beginning of the year.
    My only resolution was to not be so lazy when taking pics for my blog.

    Now pick me beech. You know I want a cute calandar

  9. NIKKI, I approve of your resolution. You definitely need more pics for your blog esp since you take such uber fab ones. Damn you and your crazy expensive camera. I want.

  10. My resolution this year is to take baking and cooking classes regularly, which is something I haven’t done in years. I decided to go back to school to become a teacher, so unfortunately all of my classes deal with “teaching”. Baking is my way to unwind, and my goal this year is to give myself the gift of “me” time.

  11. CYNDI, what a great NYR! I’ve always wanted to take a cake decorating class and with a little nudge from my good friend to actually sign up, I am really enjoy it! I hope you do take that baking/cooking class. You definitely need some “me” time. :)

  12. I have several new years resolutions but the one I WILL STICK TO is getting back into shape. I don’t really have a weight loss goal, just want to feel better and less tired. I started going to the gym late last year and I resolve to go at least twice a week this year. How am I going to make it happen? Well, I already paid for my entire year membership and it is non-refundable. If I don’t go, I’ll be wasting serious dough. So, therefore I will go. So far, so good. I’ve been 3x a week since Jan 1. Go me!

    Also, I have several knitting projects to finish and I plan to start those in April, when I am all done with school. Hurray!

  13. RACHEL, wow you go girl! 3x a week is awesome! Keep it up! ps. can you teach me to knit?? I would love to learn. :)

  14. Of course! I’ll teach you to knit. It takes about a 5 minute lesson to get going. :)

  15. I feel like I have so many NYR but my biggest one is sticking to the grocery and dining out budget.

  16. BROOKIES, ditto. I am a eat-out-aholic but now that I’ve been cooking more I don’t crave restaurant food as much as I thought. Go figure! :)

  17. My New Years Resolution is to make more cupcakes! I quit my corporate job a few months ago and am working in ceramics full time now and other arts. I would like to make more ceramic cupcakes and book my artshows in this cool cupcake calendar. I got a chocolate cupcake order headed to a gallery in Sarasota FL, my first gig. Here’s to a great 2008!!

  18. HEATHER, wow! thats so exciting! Do you have a website? I’d love to see! GL with your new business venture. :)

  19. (This giveaway is now closed. Winner to be announced sooooon…)

  20. ooh can’t wait to see!!

  21. Hi – sorry it’s been so long – I just got my blog site up and you can see my cupcakes at – I am working on another order for a nyc bakery – thanks for looking.

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