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January 9, 2008 at 11:47 PM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day, cupcakes | 5 Comments

What is your favorite cupcake flavor(s)?

I’d have to say I am not a huge chocolate freak. I prefer vanilla, maybe french vanilla for the base cupcake recipe. I ♥ caramel topping or marshmallow frosting (not necessarily with french vanilla though). My favorite cupcake that I’ve baked so far is the Strawberry and Mascarpone cupcake. Its sweet but not as rich as some cupcakes, slightly nutty and fruity.



  1. I’m gonna go old school here and say the ones you used in to get at kids b-day parties with the white cake and colorful chips inside. So much fun. I’m also a big fan of strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting, but your Strawberry and Mascarpone ones sound awesome. I would attempt to do them myself but I you know how that went for me last time :/

  2. BEEBS, white cake and colorful chips! Those are so nostalgic. I love them too. I must make some for your birthday! Me, you and rachel should get together and bake cupcakes. Thats my kind of GTG. ;)

  3. green tea cupcakes w/ a tapioca pudding filling. they were so delish.

  4. lemon cupcakes or vanilla… boring i know… i like making them more than i like eating them…. chocolate id rather in solid form not cake form….

    cute cute blog… i just found it….

  5. TATTOOED, green tea huh? Do you have a recipe? I am not a huge fan of green tea but I am willing to try on your rec!

    MSFORTUNE, nice to “meet” you! I hear ya! I love to bake, but eat…? Not as much… maybe 1 but thats about it.

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