Cupcake Challenge Winner #3

January 11, 2008 at 7:25 PM | Posted in 500CC, 500winner, cupcakes | 6 Comments


You will be choosing the next Cupcake Challenge that I bake!

Here are the choices this time:
– White Chocolate Vanilla Chai Cupcakes
– Strawberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes
– Girl Scout Samoa Cookie Cupcakes*

To the winner: Please leave me a comment with your choice!

* I made the executive decision (sounds so important. LOL) not to limit myself to just baking from the 500 Cupcakes book. I haven’t been impressed so far, but that might be the “cupcake-er” and not the book *shrugs* From now on any cupcake(s) from a different source (ie website, blog or other cupcake book etc) will be indicated by a star.  Any complaints? Take it up with the CEO (cupcake executive officer)! oh wait… thats ME! and I approve this message ;)

Please click here to find out how *YOU* can win the 500 Cupcakes Challenge!



  1. Picture me with my arms crossed and a little kid sour puss face

  2. NIKKI, I am sorry. Its not my fault. Its Todd’s fault. You saw the proof. Direct your sourpuss face towards him. *smirk*

  3. Now that I know who to bribe. I will being the process. NFT.

  4. RACHEL, bahahaha. BB should be afraid… very afraid. ;)

  5. Yeah! I’m so excited! I’m having a hard time picking they all sound sooooo good! I think I’m going to go with my fav though and pick strawberry =)
    Thank you CB!

  6. BB, strawberry and white choco it is! I’ll probably make them next weekend. I think I already have your address but can you email to confirm just in case? w00t w00t!

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