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January 11, 2008 at 11:39 PM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day, cupcakes | 13 Comments

How do *YOU* eat a cupcake?

Do you…

  • lick off all the frosting then eat the cupcake?
  • take delicate bites of equal ratio frosting to cupcake, savoring each bite? 
  • cut and/or break the cupcake into smaller bite size pieces?
  • eat the cupcake “cap” first and then eat the “stump”?
  • throw back your head, “shoot” it and then slam the empty liner on the table?
  • other… describe!

It really depends on my mood (and the cupcake). Sometimes I’ll savor every bite and other times I’ll eat the frosting “cap” and give the “stump” to my hubbie. LOL

(Thanks Nina for the CQOTD suggestion! If you have a question suggestion email me!)



  1. I remove the paper liner, then usually eat the bottom half first, followed by the edges (if there are any unfrosted bits) and then, when all I have left is about a third of the cake and the frosting I eat cake and frosting together until it’s gone.

    I may be a tad obsessive-compulsive with my food… My partner often gets in trouble for stealing my ‘best’ bits, because I so carefully save them till last!

  2. ROSATHEMAD, thats hilarious about your partner! ps. Nice to “meet” you! :)

  3. i eat it with a spoon!!!

  4. I eat it very delicately, trying to have equal parts of frosting and cake with each yummy bite.

  5. TATTOOED, spoon? teehee. how dainty! ;)

    RACHEL, girl after my own cupcake heart.

  6. I eat the stump first and save the best- top and frosting for the end.

  7. BROOKIES, the cap and frosting are definitely the best! ps. your profile pic of you and your hubbie is adorable. aawwwww…

  8. Yay! You chose my question! I lick all the frosting off the top, then eat the cupcake nekkid. :)

    P.S. I love your new banner picture.

  9. NINA, I LOL @ nekkid cupcakes! Thanky! I ♥ my banner picture too! It was time for a non-xmas one but I am still working on the “real” one. Stay tuned… :)

  10. if the frosting is going to be messy …i always break the bottom off and put it on top of the frosting so that i can eat it like a sandwich :)

  11. KELLY, I love that! I am totally trying that the next time I eat a cuppy. ps. nice to “meet” you! :)

  12. I like the shooter idea ;-) I generally cut them in half, then in quarters, so that they’re a bit more bite sized.

  13. CAKESPY, you’re fractional cupcake eater. teehee. love it. :)

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