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January 14, 2008 at 4:04 PM | Posted in cupcakes, decor, youtube | 2 Comments

Hello my name is CB and I am a youtube junkie. I admit it.

During one of my many random youtube searches I found a cupcake decorating video hosted by Daily Connection.

Personally I think Daily Confection is more appropriate since the guest on the show is Pink Cake Box‘s Anne Heap. teehee. She is a favorite pastry chef and cupcakery blog of mine via my GR.

Being a novice cupake decorator myself, it was fun to see how a professional decorates cupcakes and definitely gave me some new ideas for my next cupcake. I would also recommend checking out your local Michael’s for their Wilton cake decorating class. I already “graduated” from Course 1 and currently taking Course 2 – flowers and borders – and having a blast! Hope it helps inspire other novice cupcake-ers out there in blogger land…



  1. I’m so glad that you got into a decorating class. It’s a lot of fun isn’t it!? I had been hoping to get you as my BGEX sometime so I could send you decorating supplies, but it looks like you’ve taken care of it already.

    I find cupcakes tedious, but I will do them on occasion, if they seem like they’ll work out better than a big cake.

  2. ZEBE, aawww you’re too sweet! I am building up my collection of piping tips slowly but surely. Its so addicting! I am the opposite. I find cakes too big and time consuming whereas a cupcake is a smaller canvas that doesn’t overwhelm me before I even begin. Go figure! ;)

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