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January 15, 2008 at 11:17 AM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day, cupcakes | 8 Comments

FACT or FICTION: The world record for the most cupcakes eaten in 30 seconds is 19 cupcakes.

[click here for answer]

Don’t be one of those dorks that clicks for the answer without even taking a guess. Come on… you have a 50/50 chance of guessing correct. Live a little. LOL.



  1. False? I’m think more along the lines of 10.

  2. False!

  3. Oops, I didn’t post my answer before I looked but “scouts honor” I said FALSE!

  4. Sweet! I said False and I was right! I figured it had to be more than that. I mean, 19? That’s easy. ;)

  5. I wonder if the liners were removed ahead of time.

  6. First of all … its FACT or FICTION. It doesn’t say “false”… but wow, you girls are good! well, I guess BB got it right (false) but wrong #. LOL.

  7. I don’t know if I am impressed, or grossed out…maybe a little of both?

  8. CAKESPY, haha. too bad there wasnt a picture. I’d like to see them after they were done. I wonder if they barfed. 29 cupcakes… I can’t even imagine 29 mini cupcakes. eep!

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