Cuppycakes Calendar Winner!!

January 15, 2008 at 8:21 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 6 Comments

Ok ok… everyone happy now? (not mentioning any names *cough RACHEYPOO cough*) Who knew a cupcake calendar would elicit such harassment? maybe b/c its a FREE cupcake calendar? or maybe its my adorable videos? ;)

[and the winner is…]

To the winner: please email me your address and I will pop your calendar in the mail! If I do not hear from you in 7 days I’ll send it to the 2nd runner up. So… don’t delay!

CONGRATULATIONS [winner]! Thanks everyone for participating!



  1. I just like to look at T’s South Park shirt over and over! HAHA

  2. T is so on my shit list now

  3. OH i so contacted you. LOL.

  4. Boo! I can’t see your little videos so I feel as if I’m missing out on so much!!! :(

  5. your headless hubby is a very good sport!

  6. TATTOOED, haha I figured you wouldn’t waste time. I’ll be mailing it out today or tomorrow, k? :)

    KRMWV, you can’t see my videos? why??? :(

    RHONDA, ::waving @ Nina’s mommy:: I heart my headless hubby. haha.

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