500CC review #3

January 16, 2008 at 8:22 PM | Posted in 500CC, 500review, cupcakes | 6 Comments

I realize that we’re missing #2 (I promise I can count!) but there was a lack of comment interest in #2 – Jelly Donut Cupcake – so there’s no reader review :(  You can read mine here though.

Classic Chocolate Buttercream
Review by Nikki

My rating of the boxes for shipping is an F. Um both sets of cuppys were tossed around the box like you would not believe. They even ended up out of the wrappers. The most disappointing part was that the boxes let too much air get to the cuppys. Clara had said [in her review] they were dry, but they were a whole new level of dry when they got to me. Try rock hard. I did taste test them and I tried to ignore the dry part, but they were just dry.

Read the rest of Nikki’s review on her blog along with her pictures. The one of her dog, Puddles, is just too stinkin’ cute!   Hopefully the next challenge will fare better than this one… :/



  1. I think that fancy place online sends them frozen. Maybe you should try that. My aunt and uncle own a bakery and they freeze their cakes/cupcakes, too.

  2. RACHEYPOO, frozen?? ok i am an idiot. Here I am saving my pennies and it was *on* the damn website! ::smacks forehead::

  3. Wouldn’t they thaw out before they got to the final destination though?

  4. Dry Ice Nina … it’s all about dry ice

  5. Ohhhh, that would make sense. ::smacks self in forehead::

  6. I’ve always wanted to be able to send my cupcakes pre-decorated, but I’m not sure I’m up for the hassle and expense. I have thought about using dry ice, but it is really hard to get a hold of around here.

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