Cupcakes by Iphone

January 16, 2008 at 1:49 PM | Posted in cupcakes, technology | 9 Comments

Just wanted to share a recent cupcake conversation I had with a good friend of mine. Its a perfect example of technology and baking in a mutualistic relationship. 

Nikki: Do u have a fave chocolate frosting. I’m making cuppys tonight and forgot to find a frosting recipe.
Sent from my iPhone


CB: here’s 2 of them! don’t you wub me?? :)

6 tbsp butter
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups powder sugar
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup milk

Cream butter and vanilla with mixer on low/med speed. In separate bowl combine powder sugar and cocoa powder. Add dry ingredients to creamed mixture. Slowly add milk until you reach desired consistency (may not use all of milk). Beat until creamy.

1 cup white or dark chocolate
3/4 cup whipping cream

Place chocolate in bowl. In saucepan bring whipping cream to boil over high heat. Pour hot whipping cream over chocolate and stir until choco melted.


Nikki: You’re wonderful!!!!
Sent from my iPhone


CB: I know ;)

I am not sure what is more funny… the fact that she used her iphone to email me for a cupcake frosting recipe or that she knew I’d be at my computer to get the email. LOL. Man, do my friends know me or what?

Hello, my  name is CB and I am an internet addict.

::crowd chants::  Hello CB.

Anyone else need to attend IA (internet’s anonymous) with me?



  1. Nerd alert!

  2. RACHEYPOO, I don’t deny. I embrace. ;)

  3. LMAO. Not only was it from my Iphone I was in the car on the way to my MILs with everything else to make cuppys.

    Talk about nerd. I couldn’t even get away from the internet in the car

  4. Nikki attends IA meetings with me. ;)

  5. Why do you think I wanted an Iphone. I wanted real internet on a phone.

    Screw meetings. Meetings are for quitters. I’m no quitter

  6. ^ Our team leader will be so disappointed in you. bahahaha…

  7. Hello, my name is Nina and I’m an internet addict too. Work drove me to it. :)

  8. So, CB, if you are such an internet addict, how come we never get to see you on FB anymore?

  9. ::crowd chants:: Hello Nina.

    ZEBE, eep! I blame work. They took away my internet and when I come home most of you ET/CT girls are gone already. :(

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