Rabbits, cupcakes, pennies (oh my!)

January 16, 2008 at 8:37 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 4 Comments

Slow and steady wins the race.

Thats what I keep telling myself on this race I call – How to ship a cupcake fund – to raise (or find in random parking lots… same difference) 7200 pennies. There are days I feel like the rabbit, hopping fast and picking up pennies everywhere and other days that I feel like the turtle, slowly trudging along not covering very much ground but knowing the prize is there… somewhere.

Today was definitely a “rabbit” day. I hit the penny jackpot!

At work I have a novelty gum ball machine on my desk wih a little sign that said “donate a penny to the wedding fund, get a gum ball”. Obviously it was just for fun and now that the wedding’s over I didn’t give much thought to it… but the other day, while moving it to a less cumbersome spot on my desk, I realized that it was HEAVY… with coinage! I decided to take it home and count up my earnings.

410 pennies! only 6790 to go…

(Can you feel my excitement??!)

And just when I thought my cuppycake day couldn’t be any better, my dear friend (we’ll call her RP to protect the innocent. teehee), sent me the most perfect container to store my pennies. THANK YOU RP!!

Its a cupcake bank from Kitson. I absolutely L♥VE it. I am truly lucky to have friends that indulge me so much.

Friends are like cupcakes in my pantry of memories…

((( H+L ))) —> RP



  1. The question is…are those jimmies or sprinkles on top of the cupcake? I think they are in between. What do you think?

  2. Too cute!

  3. RACHEYPOO, I hope Nikki (the jimmies connoisseur) will agree with me that they are more spherical than cylindrical so therefore they are sprinkles not jimmies. ;)

  4. Hmmm, I wonder if I can figure out who RP might be!?

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