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For the past 1-1/2 months I’ve been taking the Wilton Cake Decorating class at my local Michael’s craft store upon the recommendation of my good friend, NB. Since I do everything NB tells me to do, I signed up! ;)

Right now I am 3/4 way through Course 2 – flowers and borders – and my final exam is a cake next week. (I can’t wait til Course 3 – fondant!) From the beginning of the course we’ve been working on royal icing flowers in anticipation of decorating my final exam cake. Just wanted to share my progress…

Aren’t they purdy? I’ve learned how to make a rose, daffodil, daisy (my favorite!), pansy, chrysanthemum and some others that I can’t remember. Obviously I am not a gardner. I’d rather have my hands in powdered sugar than dirt. LOL

I definitely plan to put my new found flower decorating knowledge to good use for my FSIL’s bridal shower cupcakes. I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts when they realize that I made them myself!

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  1. You are so talented! Have you considered making some type of career with all this baking? Once you figure out a good way to ship cuppycakes you could open an online only store and make a few bucks on the side selling gourmet cupcakes ro something. Seriously, think about it.

  2. BB, thanks love! Actually Racheypoo said she’d hire me for her friend’s bridal shower. Isn’t that awesome?! Now if I could only figure out how to ship… Know any engineers that could help? ::winkwink::

  3. Very purdy young Jedi

  4. These are looking great. Your pansies are especially well done. I never can get them to look the way I want, but then I rarely use royal icing either. Your drop flowers look terrific too. I think your roses are looking good, but you probably just need to spread your petals out a little more so that you have fewer, but they take up more space. Are you using a 104 tip? I find practicing mini roses with tip 101 sometimes helps me to figure out what I need to do differently. Plus baby roses are so cute!

    Word of mouth cake orders are the best! I wish I had some friends here where I live now to make cakes for!

  5. ZEBE, what do you usually use for your flowers? buttercream? Yeah my roses need some more practice. I don’t think I have a #101 so I’ll have to see about getting one on your rec. Word of mouth is definitely awesome. I told Rachel we better wait til I know what I am doing first before we confirm any order. haha.

  6. C, it depends on the type of cake that I’m doing. Most of the time I do use buttercream icing for all of my flowers so that they are all edible. I usually only do royal ones on wedding cakes or large orders where I need to make lots & lots of flowers and want to make them up ahead of time. However, if you do buttercream flowers, you can sometimes freeze them and then they can be done ahead.

    #101 roses are super cute & tiny.

  7. If Rachel wants to fly me out to SD, then I’ll help you make things for her :-)

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