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WOW!  I can’t believe it!  The big 5-0-0-0!

I started this little cupcake blog in Dec 2007 and I can’t believe in 2 short months I am over 5000 hits!  It may not seem like much (esp to someone who gets 7000 hits/day like a fellow cupcake-er’s husband I know. haha) but I consider it a HUGE milestone for an amateur blogger like me. To celebrate, I thought it would be helpful to write down a couple tips that I think have brought some readers over to the cuppycakes side. ;) 

 (Congrats to my friend, Nikki, who hit the big 5-0-0-0 before me! w00t w00t!)

1. Write in your blog.

Sounds simple but alot of people don’t. They might write a few times in the beginning but then its months before another entry is written.  Maybe its because the initial nostalgia is gone? So… there’s pacing yourself and then… there’s pacing yourself.  At least for me, I lose interest in a blog if they don’t update often because my time is precious and if you aren’t writing consistently you get taken off my google reader. Its that simple.

2A. When someone leaves a comment on your blog… reply!

I respond to practically every comment left on my blog. That might be extreme (esp as my comments increase… hey a girl can dream right?) but I really believe that readers come back so they can see my reply to their comment. That way I am not just a ghost writer or one-sided conversation to them. They can feel a sense of interaction and appreciate your individual time to their comment.

2B. Leave comments on your readers’ blogs too.

I’ve met so many readers by reciprocity. Just going to their blogs and commenting makes a BIG difference. Even leaving a comment on an entirely new blog that you’ve never been to but don’t forget to give them a way to find you too. I leave my name and my blog URL on my comment for a potential “new” reader to find me if they feel inclined. ;)

3. Find and participate in similiar events as your blog’s interest.

I currently participate in Cupcake Hero, Frugal Foodie Challenge and Daring Bakers and I’ve met so many people! I also enter contests on my favorite blogs. Remember when I won the cupcake necklace on Cupcakes Take The Cake blog? I know many people found me there! If you put yourself (and your blog link) out there, people will click the link at the very least because humans are curious by nature.

4. Give credit where credit is due.

You’ll notice that anytime I get a CQOTD suggestion, photos or links from another place I give credit. I just think its respectful to the original source.  Most people (if they are like me) will love the attention anyways. It also brings extra traffic to their blog (or website) and the whole reciprocity idea continues…

5. Figure out the focus of your blog.

Obviously this blog is about cupcakes and its helped me meet other cupcake freaks like myself. But it doesn’t have to be that specific. It could be more general like “food“. Even though that might narrow your reader pool I think it helps to have a focus to your blog rather than endless randomness so that readers know a little about you.  I admit I am prone to randomness, just a much as the next person, once in a while is good, but more than that and readers might get lost.  If the subject of your blog is something they are interested in, they will stick around.

EDIT:  to include a bonus tip!

6. Forget about #1-5 and do what works for you!

Its your blog.  Do whatever you want with it.  The blog world is your oyster.  It will be whatever you make of it.

So there you go… While I am sure there is probably a more exact blogger science somewhere out there, these are *MY* top 5 tips to a better blog.  Who knows?  It might just be my friend, NB, checking my blog 84x a day.  LOL. 

If you have more tips to add -things that work for you – leave a comment!

I want to thank all of my readers, commenters, lurkers (I know you are out there!) for supporting my little blog.  I am having way too much fun and appreciate that you all indulge me so much!

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  1. Clara, you are my blog hero.

  2. Um actually, I do believe that someone had to be forced to give a certain someone else credit for collecting the entire what is Kirsch question?

    Bunch of crap your spouting CB :P

  3. Oh ya and congrats

  4. ALANNA, ty ty. you’re too kind. Its because of dedicated readers like yourself. I couldn’t do it without you.

    NIKKI, hey hey hey. I gave credit eventually. I saw the error of my ways. But I do believe that there was no time limit on my credit-giving tip. TYVM. oh and… suckitbeech.

  5. Your blog inspired me to make cupcakes and I read it all the time! I have no idea what direction my blog is headed, hopefully in time I will!

  6. NATALIE, I am so flattered! Well #5 might be up for interpretation depending on your life and interests. What do you usually write about?

  7. Congratulations on the big 5-0-0-0!! Here’s to the next 5k… ;)

  8. JUNIPER, thanky!! I ♥ when lurkers come out and play ;)

  9. I am a bad blogger. I break most those rules. But I do love to comment :)

  10. BB, maybe I should add #6… Forget about 1-5 and do what works for you! haha. ps. I love BB comments. ;)

  11. Grats, at this rate, you will by pass me in no time. Im sure of it. Remember the little people when you hit the big time baby! ;)

  12. I was going to respond to a comment on my blog but then figured no one would ever see it. I suppose I should get back to that then. I wanted to just message them back, rather than doing it in the comment box, but I’m clueless. I was happy when my first blog hit 100 yesterday. itstrichy is going a bit slower than that!

  13. YAY!!! Congratulations Cuppy!!!

  14. Hey? Did my comment get posted!? Just want to say you so deserve it!

  15. SLUSH, oh whatev! miss best-blog-stat-day-is-500-something hits. haha.

    ZEBE, You’d be surprised! Ppl are resourceful and will find their comment again if they are hoping you’ll answer their question or comment back on what they left you. Excuse my ignorance but… what is “itstrichy”? I love made up words but I can’t figure that one out! LOL.

    CAKESPY, thanky! and I love that you left 2 comments just so I’d be sure to get your comment love. That’s dedication! :)

  16. ItsTrichy is my other blog about my anxiety disorder that I have. The title will make more sense if you read the page. It’s linked on my blog as My Trich Blog.

  17. Hehe, I’m trying to be less of a lurker and more of a commenter, we’ll see how I go…!

  18. Woo hoo!! Congrats my cuppy cake friend! :)

  19. Congrats! Glad to be able to say I knew you when you were just a little unknown blog. Soon you’ll be famous!

  20. Congrats from one of the few remaining people on the face on the face of the earth without a blog! Your blog is very fun and light-hearted!

  21. APRIL, and thanks to my #1 (or is it #2,3,4,10?) cuppycakes fan! :)

    STEFANI, oh yes! You were one of the first lurkers. You have a special place in Cuppycakes Blogland. what do you mean soon? IAM famous! haha.

    CHRISTY, *gasp* no blog? hehe. Glad to see another lurker coming out to play! ps. Nice to “meet” you.

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