Dear VS,

January 29, 2008 at 7:01 PM | Posted in clothes, cupcakes | 13 Comments

Dear Victoria’s Secret,

We have a love / hate relationship. I love your new cupcake line BUT boyshorts? It had to be boyshorts! I hate boyshorts. My thighs do not like boyshorts. Can a girl get some low rise bikinis instead? Please… please… please…

(Click image to see cupcakes!)

Ironically its because I eat cupcakes isn’t it? Eh tu cupcakes?



ps. Thanks Ape for showing me cutesy cupcake underwear that hates my thighs.



  1. HA! So glad I showed you these…I really do think you should get them! Just think how much happier your day would be if you knew you had cuppy’s on your behind…no? :)

  2. MRSABY, feeling canadian tonight, no? teehee. Tis true these cupcakes would be on my bum, but not *ON* my bum. ;)

  3. I love boy shorts!

  4. I love boy shorts too! Just buy them Clara!! Peer pressure! :)

  5. NIKKI, you love boyshorts? omg. I looko hideous in them! I have big hips and big thighs so boyshorts are NO BUENO!

  6. MRSABY, uh I don’t look like a VS model like you so trust me it wouldn’t be pretty. haha.

  7. VS model?! Do you think I would be working my day job if I looked like a VS model?! LOL

  8. MRSABY, let’s put it this way. You look more like the VS model in the picture than I do. Enough said. :)

  9. I don’t like boyshorts either. They just don’t fit me right. Maybe I just haven’t found the right pair, but I’m with you on the low rise-bikinis C.

  10. ZEBE, TYVM. Aby and Nikki are just off their boyshort rocker.

  11. Freaking cute, CB! We should all get a pair. :)

  12. I just wanted to let you know that they do have them in a low-rise bikini and other styles as well.

  13. AMY, I got SO excited after I read your comment but when I click the link it says “page no longer available”. super sad face.

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