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I graduated from Wilton Cake Class Course 2! I had my final exam cake tonight.

Click image to enlarge

I think it turned out pretty darn good! I saw T eyeing it when I got home (I said the magic word – chocolate) but told him to “BACK AWAY FROM THE CAKE!” Its so purdy I don’t wanna eat it!

Can’t wait for Course 3… FONDANT!! ::rubbing hands together::

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  1. Pretty!!!!!!!!!! I used to have so much fun in my 4-H Cake Decorating classes. :)

  2. Great job! I love the variety in the flowers.

  3. ALANNA, thanky! I am having a great time. How long ago did you take your decor class? I recommend the Michael Wilton class if you ever wanna take another one!

    RACHEYPOO, ty! I really love how the flowers turned out. I thought my roses were crap but the picture makes them look great! Gotta love that kind of photography. teehee.

  4. Very nice C! You catch on quick. I told you that you would. I’ve always been tempted to take the Wilton classes just to see what all they tell me that I do wrong!

  5. ZEBE, tyvm! meh. if you already know how to do it (which you do!), you really don’t need the class. Its great for a beginner like me though.

  6. Awww, I wanna play! I’m so sad there are no Wilton classes here. You’ll have to share some of your newfound skill here! The cake looks beautiful!

  7. That looks AMAZING!!! ::me jealous::

  8. So purdy CB! I hope my Hobby Lobby finds a teacher soon, I really want to take these classes too!

  9. I am so jealous!! I need to check into our Michaels and see if they offer these classes. Your cake is so pretty! :)

  10. Your cake looks great!!! It deifintiely beats my cakes that usually end up with ripped spots because I suck at frosting!!!

  11. Oh cupcake queen you are now an enlightened cake frosting master, too? Looks amazing!

  12. gorgeous darlin!

  13. ROSATHEMAD, no wilton classes? BOOO. why not?

    BETH, ty! honestly I took the picture far away so you couldn’t see ALL the mistakes! haha.

    NINA, I hope so too! I *know* you would have an awesome time!

    MRSABY, seriously! do it! I wasn’t sure how I’d do but looking at my first attempt to now, I am not too shabby. ;)

    KAT, I should take a picture of it upclose. There is so much crumbs in the frosting. My frosting skills sucketh. But I love those royal icing flowers! I think this is why I should stick to cupcakes. haha.

    KRMWV, frosting master? uh. not at all! (see above)

    SLUSH, thanky. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy. (you know I gotta use that line again for you right? LOL)

  14. That looks flawless — I’m impressed. Did you do the basket effect on the side, too? It looks like something you could buy!

  15. NATALIE, tyvm! Yeah I made the whole cake by myself – basketweave, rope border, flowers, leaves, birds – the works! Its definitely not flawless. I know some ppl cheat and frost styrofoam but mine is “real” cake hence all the crumbs in my frosting! Thats why the picture is taken far away and really small. haha. But I am still proud of myself.

  16. OMG it looks perfect! I’m so impressed!

  17. BB, thanks love. Your cupcakes are next on the baking list! w00t w00t.

  18. Oh, gosh, it’s been probably 18 years since I’ve taken a cake decorating class! Maybe I’ll do it again someday…we shall see. :)

  19. I stand corrected CB – how about flower decoration master? And I like your roses, mine would look like blobs

  20. CB, I live in New Zealand, way down on the bottom of the world. I believe that up in Auckland (the biggest city here, but a 2 hour flight or probably 12 hour drive from where I live, in Christchurch) they do have some courses sometimes… But I am bereft of such wonders. This causes me to prowl the internet incessantly to pick up tips and skills to experiment with. ;-)

  21. ROSA, New Zealand! That is so cool! Thankfully the internet is filled with so much information I bet you could do learn on your own with no problems! Maybe I’ll have to do a how-to video someday soon and dedicate it to you huh? :)

  22. Definitely! I love how-to videos! Ooh, now I’m all excited! ;-)

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