Cuppycakes Kitchen Towel Giveaway!

January 31, 2008 at 7:55 PM | Posted in cupcakes, giveaway | 39 Comments

I found these adorable PINK cupcake kitchen towels at my favorite “french” store, Tarjay (have you ever heard of it? haha), marked WAY lower than they should be (perhaps by mistake? but I aint complaining!) so I snatched them up for my Cuppycakes readers!

Now pink isn’t *my* kitchen color but I know there are many of you (ahem… Nikki and Nina) that love pink so… If you want the chance to win these adorable towels, leave me a comment (also don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you win) and tell me:

What is a “cupcake” item that you want and/or own? (ie artwork, cupcake baking related, figurine, stationary, clothing, anything!)

Own– I adore my cuppycakes slippers that my hubs bought me. They are just so comfy, soft and uber cute!
Want– The Side Swipe for my KA mixer.

DEADLINE: Feb 8th @ 7:55pm PST
(Sorry I can only ship within the continental US)



  1. They’re Pink therefore they’re mine

  2. I have this:

    I also have this:

    I want this:

    and this:

    I’d rather not post my email but you know it! :)

  3. NIKKI, you didn’t follow directions! Answer the damn question NB!

  4. RACHEYPOO, I have the cupcake carrier too! I totally want that cupcake spatula now! ::adding to my long list::

  5. Well, I’m excusing you from entering me, since postage would cost a ridiculous amount, but I wanted to have my say all the same!

    Since my major thing is making full-sized cakes, but I love cupcakes as well, I’m desperately hankering after this giant cupcake pan:

  6. I’m eyeing some cute cupcake rain boots at Target. :)

  7. I second the rainboots. But I would like a couple Cakespy prints for my kitchen. I will buy them, oh yes, I will buy them. Soon.

  8. I have the cupcake coffee mug from Tar-Jay! yes that is my favorite french store! I would love to have the giant cupcake pan from Wilton…and the rain boots….and…should I even go on?!

  9. ROSA, whew! Thanks for reminding me about that restriction. I’d love to ship to everyone but it can get darn expensive! oh yes! I love that giant wilton pan too. Great choice!

    LESHA, haha rainboots! I love them too but where I live we don’t need them very often. I am a flip flop everyday girl :) ps. Nice to “meet” you!

    SLUSH, omg. yes! I need me some cupcake prints too. I am afraid to get to Jess’ etsy store b/c my credit card is too easily accessible!

    APRIL, haha. I think I have turn this wino into a CA (cupcake addict) now. Great picks! I was totally gonna get the cupcake mug from Tarjay but the only one they had at mine had a huge crack and I have a feeling that wouldn’t work well with my hot chocolate. Hot drinks + mug cracks = burned (.)(.) –> no bueno! (Nikki will confirm) LOL.

  10. ^ hahaha

    And Clara I did answer …. I want the kitchen towels

  11. NIKKI, bahahaha. smartass.

  12. Oh oh! I got the cupcake mug from Tar-Jay, and the cupcake cookie jar! That made the happiest, been looking for the perfect cookie jar for a while now. For the record, it’s true that drinks sipped from the cupcake mug *do* taste better than others. As for wants… I don’t think comment fields are long enough for that list! The cupcake spatula and any cupcake cook book ever are right up there.

    It’s so good to meet others classy enough to shop at Tar-Jay, folk like us must be carefull to only associate with our socialite peers you know.

  13. LEMONTARTLET, agreed. I only associate with other Tarjay socialites and not the Target rifraf. LMAO

  14. I’m entering! I love the new cupcake stuff at Tarjay. I want a cupcake carrier because my coworkers eat the sweets I don’t want — and last time I was taking them cupcakes, I hit the brakes and bam! Cupcakes flew everywhere! Boo. They still ate them, but that’s because they’re nice people.
    And I really like the KA side swipe – I mean, that is like the best thing ever. I’d use it so so much.

  15. NATALIE, ::stifling laugh:: So sorry to giggle but I can’t tell you how many times thats happen to me! I finally got smart and bought a fake cupcake carrier from Tarjay. I love it b/c its red! haha. I totally want the side swipe! If you get it, let me know how you like it, k?

  16. I get the pink towels! :) I really want the SideSwipe too… maybe I can hint to J for V-day….

  17. NINA, there’s my other pinky girl! I’ve been hinting to T but he’s been “ignoring” me. Hopefully you have better luck with J. haha.

  18. Me me! pick me! Cupcake “items” I want…well..I think with the addition of a baby girl to the family in April (10 more weeks…yikes!) I want to accquire some of the cakespy art..I think it would look awesome in a little girl room!
    I’m also seeing these cupcake carriers from Tuperware and such, and know if I had one, I’d be much more inspired to bake cupcakes.
    I’m a recent addict thanks to my friend MsYummie ( who sent me cupcakes the other day!
    Love your site, I think I’m gonna try to make the Snickerdoodle cupcakes for a Superbowl party this weekend!

  19. SUZYQ-ZY, aawwwww Congratulations! Definitely check out cakespy’s etsy store. Her cupcake prints would be so cute in a baby girl nursery ♥ btw Your friend’s xanga is awesome! She’s living my dream! haha. Mind if I ask her how she got started? Let me know how your snickerdoodle cupcakes turn out! :)

  20. Those are so cute!!!

    I have a cupcake carrier that we received for the wedding and I really, really, really want the KA sideswipe!!

  21. BETH, hurray! Join the side swipe revolution! If you get one before definitely give me a review, k? :)

  22. SuzyQ-zy, I saw in a magazine for a little girl that they did a cupcake/baking theme room. It was the cutest thing! Congrats on your little “cupcake”! ha!

  23. APRIL, find me the magazine!! I wanna seeeee….

  24. CB- I am looking for the magazine. I hope that I still have it! :/

  25. Cupcake items I want are cupcake pajamas, the Wilton giant cupcake mold, the plastic cupcake plates from Target that say “Sweetie Pie”…to match those cute towels I’m going to WIN! LOL Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. LIZ N, haha. Feeling pretty confident huh? ;) oh definitely my next cupcake purchase is gonna be cupcake PJs!

  27. I sooooooooo want a cupcake courier!

  28. I wanna win!

  29. TARYN, oh definitely!

    BB, you dork! you didn’t answer my question. haha.

  30. I really do have a pink kitchen, and everytime I read your blog, I want cupcakes.

  31. RHONDA, haha. Nina momma comments are too cute!

  32. Own – I just got a bunch of new cupcake papers from Target today, they have a new endcap over by the other cooking stuff (i work at target) that is devoted to cupcakes, new papers and the new cupcake pedestals and the giant cupcake pan!

    Want – The giant cupcake pan from Wilton

    Just found your site, and LOVE IT! Gotta love pricing issues at Target, that is the what i do there is pricing, lol…hope your having fun :)

    Nichole Z

  33. NICHOLE, omg. near the cooking aisle you say?? Must go to Tarjay after work… haha. Thanks for the inside scoop! ;) ps. Nice to “meet” you!

  34. I would absolutley love to own one of these:

  35. ERIKA, forgive my ignorance, what is it? I can’t read the writing on the picture. What language is that?

  36. I want all these items and more!

  37. Love, love love the towels! My favorite tool to make “mini” cupcakes with is my small ice cream scoop from Williams-Sonoma. It hold just the right amount so the filling will not overflow out when baking! Love it!

  38. CUPCAKERY, I love my ice cream scoop too! But mine doesn’t have the 2 side grips. Me want that! Thanks for the link! :)

  39. (This giveaway is now closed. Any comments here after will not be entered to win. Sorry, try again on the next one!)

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