Etsy store + cupcakes = RAVE

February 1, 2008 at 1:00 PM | Posted in clothes, cupcakes | 26 Comments

Is this service or what? (Its MINE! See my name?! Its mine beeches!! You better recognize! ::snapping fingers::)

I saw this advertised on All Things Cupcake and knew I had to have it. But I didn’t buy at the time of the original post b/c it was a mother/daughter set and alas I do not have kids (I am pretty sure that T wouldn’t wear it either!). I did email her to ask if she would be making a just-for-1 adult size anytime soon and she posted it up on her website for me in less than a day!

I have not gotten the product yet but I am already giving out rave reviews. If her promptness is any indication of her product, I know I’ll be more than satisfied! Definitely go check out her store yourself. Don’t be afraid to email if you aren’t finding exactly what you want. I am glad I emailed! w00t w00t!

Look what I found for you…
April and Sheridan



  1. Those aprons are so stinkin’ cute! I love the one you “picked out” for me. Polka dots are one of the happiest things, I think.

  2. NINA, I saw the pink and the “cakes” and it screamd “NNIIIIIINNNNAAA” to me! :)

  3. Beech you best be emailing that to G so he can get it to me in time for my Bday next week!

  4. NIKKI, whats his email? I’ll be happy to forward it along. I’ll remind him of the (*)(.) injury and he’ll cave. teehee.

  5. How come I didn’t get an apron??

  6. LORENA, you need to comment more! Aprons are perks for commenters! haha. But since I love you, I editted to add your apron too. :)

  7. Um, excuse me, but I comment all the time and I see no apron listed for the Queen of Cakes as I believe you called me. I’m feeling a bit left out over here. :-( However, despite my own pouting, I love those aprons. All the different fabrics & “themes” are great. I might be needing to get one for my sister.

  8. LOVE it! Do I *need* two orange aprons, though? Answer: YES!

  9. ZEBE, omg! I am so sorry! You totally deserve an apron! Added *your* apron ;)

  10. RACHEYPOO, yes yes you do! ::nodding head emphatically::

  11. I totally love you Clara! You rock Those are the cutest aprons ever! That cupcake one is perfect for you. And the one you picked for me is so pretty! We totally need to have a huge baking party together and we can all wear our aprons. :)

  12. OMG I love my apron! I might actually have to buy it and then maybe I would cook ;)

  13. ::sniff, sniff::
    No apron was reserved for either :(

  14. ALANNA, I am so down for a baking party! We must teach BB how to make a decent cupcake! haha.

    BB, omg I totally love the apron I found for you. Must get it!

    BETH, when was the last time you commented? uh huh. thats why! haha. but of course… I love my bethy so… added!

  15. OMG!!! I LOVE these aprons for Sheridan and I!!! And it reminds me of my poodle I had for oh so many years. :) You are too sweet dear. :)

  16. Too funny. Speaking of Etsy, I bought my first cakespy print today. the cupcake vs. muffin. ha!

  17. MRSABY, am I good or what? I had no idea about your poodle. I rock. :)

    SLUSH, I love that one! What is Cakespy’s etsy store URL again?


  19. SLUSH, sweeeet! thanks babe! :)

  20. Thank you!! I promise to be a better stalker :)

  21. PS. I just posted a comment yesterday on your cake decorating class. TYVM!!!

  22. BETH, oopsies! I stand corrected BUT I do look forward to more… ;)

  23. Very cute aprons! I won’t make you feel bad for forgetting me, I’m on a cupcake high! :)

  24. KRMWV, haha. thanks for not making me feel bad. sorta. Of course I found you an apron though… go see!

  25. Love it CB!

  26. I love my apron! Thanks! I definitly need to get this one, and one for Queen Abby.

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