Cupcake Challenge Winner #4

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You will be choosing the next Cupcake Challenge that I bake!

Here are the choices this time:
– Girl Scout Samoa Cookie Cupcake
– Vanilla Bean Cupcake w/ Mascarpone Frosting
– Chocolate Turtle Cupcake (chocolate, caramel and pecans)

To the winner: Leave me a comment with your choice of cupcake! Also EMAIL ME your address.

Thanks to everyone that participated! :)

Tattooed Mama
Cookie Doc
Lemon Tarlet

Please click HERE to find out how *YOU* can win the 500 Cupcakes Challenge and get some free cupcakes too!



  1. YAY! Being whiney in a kinda creepy way does too get you good things! So *there* Mom! *struts around in a rather unsettling chicken dance*

    Right, ahem. Chocolate Turtle Cupcakes please. There will be lots of pics of me and D eating the lovely prize, for all you other suckers to envy.

  2. Oh, but I was hoping you would go for the Samoas so that I could get the leftovers!! Those are my favorite GS cookies. Turtles certainly sound a respectable second choice.

  3. I vote the turtle cupcakes

  4. Num, Turtle cupcakes sound really good :)

  5. Yea, the turtle cupcakes were chosen!! I hope I win that one, I hope I win. :)

  6. LEMON, bahaha. chicken dance. Love it. Me likey pictures so the promise of lots of pictures increases your chances of winning again ;)

    DAWN, I’ve been wanting to make the samoa cupcakes for the same reason! I ♥ Samoas! I’ve been told by some others that have made it that its VERY rich so we’ll see when I try to make it.

    JEN, I was intrigued when I saw Nina’s turtle cheesecake so I started thinking maybe I could make them into cupcakes. First time trying to make a recipe myself so we’ll see how that goes… eep!

    LIZ, chocolate, caramel and pecans. That could never taste bad, right? :)

    NINA, uh sweetie you don’t get the turtle? Lemon won the turtle. I think someone is confused? ;)

  7. Yay for lemontartlet! But, what about the tangerine-tart? Show a local some love, man!

  8. Dang it, it’s too early for me to be thinking straight… lol

  9. RACHYEPOO, bahaha. You are definitely the “tart” of my heart. :) but you still don’t get cupcakes. LOL Try again next time…

    NINA, I may be persuaded to send you a couple of the extras since you were my inspiration ;)

  10. Turtle stuff is some of my favourite ever. Even made a little turtle candy for Christmas, which was pitifully easy and cheap. D is very, very happy about the choice!

  11. Yes, yes, I should get some since I was the inspiration! Orrrrrrrrrr I could hold your stuff as ransom unitl I get some. :) hee hee

  12. Oooh, I’d go for turtle — but anything involving girl scout cookies is a sure winner. I mean, it just brings me back to my “brownie” days when I sold the most cookies in the Girl Scout district. What can I say, I was an adorable 8-year-old? Thus, Samoa cupcakes it is!

  13. NATALIE, aawww you were a wee little brownie? SO CUTE! do you still have some hookups? I would like to order 1 meeeellion (say like Dr. Evil) boxes of samoas please! ;)

  14. LOL, oh I wish! I was a girl scout drop-out and only did it for a year. Though I think they are selling them at my office. I’ll check and let you know!

  15. OMG, that video is gold, PURE GOLD! Im a tad jealous too. I need to be more on the ball. Im not sure how I missed this…

  16. SLUSH, haha. Isn’t my hubs a good sport? and yes, you don’t wanna miss the next one… The choices next time are gonna be good! :)

  17. OMG, CB, you are too freaking cute. Congrats, LemonTartlet!!!

    I would have voted for the vanilla bean with mascarpone…my mouth is watering at the mere suggestion of it. I sure hope it’s my turn to win when you make THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ALANNA, that one was my fav in the list too. It will be available next challenge so maybe we can arrange a win for you ::winkywinky:: LOL.

  19. Hell yeah! I <3 rigged competitions. ;)

  20. WTH! Alanna, if you win, you best share with your fellow vanilla lover!

  21. RACHEYPOO, no complaints from you! You didn’t even enter!! LOL.

  22. So random of randoms — I’m at church today and there’s a lady in charge of the girl scout district in downtown San Diego — er, something like that. Anyway — she said she’d have cookies available Feb. 23 — and to email her. If you really want them, REMIND me or I’ll sooo forget, and I’ll get you two in touch.

  23. NATALIE, oooohhhh! I will definitely be in touch if I can’t find any local girl scouts. My samoa addiction thanks you! haha.

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