We’ve moved! (sorta)

February 4, 2008 at 11:31 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 7 Comments

Don’t worry! Its not far… its like we’re moving down the street into a bigger and better house! LOL.

I decided that this little ol blog of mine has become more than just a little hobby to me these past few months so with a little encouragement from Nikki and Slush, I decided it would be a good idea to get my own domain for it (before some biotch tries to buy it out from under me for a quick profit! Seriously! who the fug does that shite?) If you think your blog is something you could see yourself expanding with the “name”, buy the domain. Its only $5-$10 (depending where you buy) and its peace of mind. (Alanna, I totally thought of you and your illustation blog when I wrote this.)

Current URL: https://iheartcuppycakes.wordpress.com
New URL: http://iheartcuppycakes.com

Don’t worry about changing your GRs! (I know you were all going to do that after you finished reading right? haha) The new URL just points to my blog right now so either URL will work but maybe someday I might take my little cupcake blog onto bigger “profitable” things? *shrugs* maybe just maybe…

So I guess my subject line is a little misleading. I am not really “moving” per se… WordPress is still my home but my domain is like my new timeshare. ;)

Thanks again to all my readers, commenters, lurkers… EVERYONE – for all your support, encouragement and great feedback. Here’s looking towards 10,000 hits and beyond. Its been real. ::cheese::

PS. Special thanks to Jess for helping me set it up!



  1. I’m confused… So you are moving or you aren’t?

  2. NINA, I see I must do a better job at explaining. brb.

  3. Yay, good for you, CB! I’m glad you took that next big step. :) I’m definitely going to have a new website…I love the one I have right now, but it’s all illustration. I need a new bookbinding one now. I like to have a link on my website to my blog though. :)

  4. ALANNA, oh definitely! Can’t wait to see the book binding biz one! :)

  5. Awww, little one is growing up. *tear from eye


  6. SLUSH, thanks for the push. Who knows what comes of it but its better to have and not need than need and not be available b/c some money grubbing skank thought she could make a quick buck on *my* concept! Am I right? ;)

  7. Back off Slush, she’s my little one :P

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