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February 5, 2008 at 6:49 PM | Posted in cupcakes, shipping | 17 Comments

For pretty much as long as iheartcuppycakes! has been in the blogosphere, I’ve been obsessed with shipping cupcakes. I am not talking about naked cupcakes… I am talking about FROSTED cupcakes. But so far all my (and my VP of operations’) shipping ideas have failed.

Thankfully I am not one to give up easily *AND* I have readers that are equally inclined to invention imagination.

This afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to come home to a package waiting for me. I admit I squealed when I realized it was from IHC’s resident engineer – The Fantabulous BBKiddo. I knew she had been designing a prototype for shipping cupcakes for me with successful test runs within her “lab” (ie home) for the last few weeks but the true test would be shipping them to me.

She sent me 2 tupperwares via UPS ground (my UPS guy is so cute! hey I am married *not* dead! haha); one labeled frozen and one refrigerated. Each container had her prototype – 2 cupcakes speared by a skewer and anchored by a cardboard+foil separator.

Right away I could tell something wasn’t quite right… I noticed from initial observation that the skewer had split in half in transit. Bummer. Since that was an important element in the overall design, the cupcakes didn’t stand a change. Cupcake suicide. Let’s have a moment of silence…

Uh… Sorry BB. :( Let’s just say– close but no cupcake. Back to the drawing board!

Maybe if we reinforce the skewer it could work?

But one perk of the experiment was eating the cupcakes! Can’t let good cupcakes go to waste right? haha. Even though the experiment wasn’t perfect I did learn that frozen cupcakes were more moist than the refrigerated ones (but the refrig weren’t too shabby at all). BB, did you freeze them already frosted?

(Forgive my fugly picture, I really can’t take pictures of myself worth a shite. But you can see my “I voted” sticker if you look closely… teehee)

Thanks for the cupcakes, BB! You can totally bake! They were delish! No more lame “I can’t bake” excuses from you! LOL.

Looking forward to shipping prototype v2? ;)



  1. Hmm, I think she’s on a good track, though.

  2. You forgot to tell us what kind they are. Geeze, you’re useless

  3. RACHEYPOO, definitely!

    NIKKI, uh… cake box mix flavor? ;)

  4. box mix… bleh…

    Good experiment though!

  5. SLUSH, now don’t be hatin’ cake box mix! haha. I still have not converted… yet.

  6. Oh we’ll convert you … don’t worry about that. Come on look at the converting I’ve done already … microwave cook turned baking lover. Boxed mix is easy after that challenge

  7. NIKKI, Noooooooooooo!
    ::holding on for dear life to my betty crocker funfetti::

  8. That pic is so not remotely fugly. You’re adorable (and I’m jealous of the ability to wear a sweatshirt, it’s tank tops and shorts here)!

  9. LEMON, aaawww well thanky! (but you already won the 500CC so sucking up not necessary! haha) I am definitely a tank top+flip flop CA girl but tonight is chilly enough for me to wear my favorite hoodie. I ♥ hoodies!

  10. Damn! I totally thought that would work. I did freeze them when they were already frosted and nikki you will be proud to know that I used your vanilla cupcake recipe FROM SCRATCH! Even the frosting :) I’m about to finally post on my blog about the whole experiment. I shall begin work on prototype v2.
    Maybe next time I will use two skewers?

  11. BB, omg. I am so impressed! ::golf clap:: Your cuppies were YUMMERS and so moist. I definitely have to try that recipe now. What about the frosting? recipe or can?

  12. You look adorable, CB. :) And yay for voting! I’m wearing that same sticker right now. :)

    CB, If you get tired of eating so many cupcakes, BB, you can send some of your trials to me!

  13. ALANNA, tired of eating cupcakes? BLASPHEMY! haha

  14. Homemade frosting too. I just posted my on my blog. Alanna, I think I could send some prototypes your way too, lol

  15. Please, there’s always a good reason to suck up! There will be other cupcake challenges ya know!

  16. Hi there!

    Not sure if you came to a workable solution in regards to shipping cupcakes, but thought I’d weigh in- I work for a cupcake shop and all our packaging comes with cardboard inserts with holes cut into them, just over the exact diameter of our cupcake bases. This means the overhang of batter around the top tends to keep them secured. I realise a lot of your cupcakes sit right into the cups so you may need to tweak the measurements around a little before finding one that works. You could commission a packaging company to make these for you, or do it yourself with a pen knife and rubber board underneath the cardboard.

    And also, our cupcakes tends to go hard and dry/ tasteless when exposed to cold; we usually recommend leaving them at room temp, and they usually last two-three days like this. Not sure if this would make your cupcakes better or worse but thought I’d mention it.

    Hope I haven’t seemed like too much of a pompous arse, but I always like to talk cupcakes with other worshippers :)

  17. KAMALIKA, You are SO not a pompous ass! Do you have a picture of what your cupcake shop does? I’d love to see a visual! Thanks for your shipping suggestions. :)

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