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Where is your favorite place to buy a cupcake?

Strangely it wasn’t until very recently that I had ever eaten a cupcake outside of my own kitchen. Sprinkles is a very well known cupcakery and has various locations in the US – they even have their own brand name cupcake mixes via Williams Sonoma. (Has anyone bought their mix? Any good? Worth the $14 price tag?) There’s also the Frosted Cupcakery that I recently tried their chocolate vanilla buttercream and my husband had red velvet with cream cheese (no surprise there!). I am sure there are other cupcakeries near me but those are the 2 I know of. While the cupcake was good, I guess in the end I just can’t justify paying $3/cupcake when I think the ones I make in my own kitchen are pretty darn good (and free… LOL). Just my 2¢.



  1. Fav place to buy a cupcake right now would be Dozen. We have another cupcakery in town, but I am yet to try them. Im the kind of person, once I find something I like, I stick with it. Eventually, I will go to the other place, but Im not ready to betray Dozen just yet.

    I agree with you, its very rare I buy cupcakes. I make too many on my own for a lot, lot less.

  2. Ya know, I started thinking as I was reading this and I don’t think I’ve ever bought a cupcake. Hmm……

  3. SLUSH, I hear ya. I am a creature of habit myself. If its not broke, don’t fix it! ;)

    NINA, Crazy right? While I thought the “professional” cupcake was good, I didn’t feel the urge to go back esp for that price! YIKES! T totally did a double take when they told him the total for 2 cupcakes. He’d rather have a burger.

  4. I am with Nina – I’m not sure I’ve ever actually bought a good cupcake somewhere other than grabbing a pack of 6 from the local grocery store deli or something when in a hurry. I would always just rather make my own!
    I’m with T on the cost – burger and fries please. :)

  5. Magnolia Bakery in NYC. They’re sooooo yummy. Maybe I should send you some ;)

  6. I’ve never actually bought a cupcake from anywhere before for myself. Mike raves over the cupcakes they make at a local coffee shop/cafe in our old neighborhood though, called “Influx.”

  7. Good lord, FOURTEEN dollars?! I would expect thoses cupcakes to come out covered in gold dust. There is no way I would pay that. But then, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a cupcake, period. I always thought cupcakes from a mix were kind of the standard “easy baked good” next to choc. chip cookies and that everyone could make a decent one (but I guess BB proved that theory wrong). I don’t know of any cupcake places around here, and I probably wouldn’t want to pay their prices if there were. I’m perfectly happy to just borrow the recipes from all you girls and make them myself.

  8. Occasionally the sprinkles stuff goes on sale for like $1.99 at W&S — and then it’s worth it. For $14, I’d rather have something more permanent. I do like the actual Sprinkles cupcakes though.

  9. Not sure that I have a favorite place to buy one. I plan on taking a trip to Extraordinary Deserts in SD soon, then maybe I will change my mind.

  10. They really price them so high that I’ve never bought a cupcake. Not that I don’t want to, I’m a sucker for cute and fancy. Now there would be a bakery idea, affordable! Why do they charge so much?

  11. We have a random cupcake place in town. I’ve only every gotten free dog biscuits there when walking the dog. They just didn’t look good enough to justify spending $3 on.

    And shut it about the sprinkles mixes … you know I have a taste test coming up shortly. Way to go stealing other peoples ideas and blowing their cover

  12. MRSABY, ::burger-fry five:: When I crave something its usually more salty than sweet.

    ANDREA, ooohhh yeah! Next time I got to NYC I definitely wanna hit up Magnolia.

    ALANNA, I ♥ coffee shops/cafes. I don’t like coffee but I love the atmosphere. Weird, I know.

    DAWN, haha. serio! I would expect a cupcake that could cure cancer for that price. LOL.

    NATALIE, maybe the next time I see it on sale I’ll have to pickup one and taste test for myself.

    BB, thats a cute name. Let me know what you think if you go, k?

    LEMON, another sucker here. Infomercials, pretty pastries, anything “on sale” etc etc…

    NIKKI, damn my bad memory ;)

  13. Main Street Cupcakes in historic downtown Hudson, OH!

  14. The thing that bugs me about the designer, pricey cupcakes is that I read all of y’all’s blogs. Ain’t seen anything in the galleries of bakeries that somebody’s blog doesn’t end up making as nice or better.

  15. You’re a sucker for cute stuff too, eh CB? Oh good! *smiles all mysterious and such*

  16. LIZ N, sounds so cute! You’ll have to take pics the next time you go! :)

    LEMON, oohhhh reeeeally? me sucker for surprises too ;)

  17. I live in northern VA area now, and haven’t found any good cupcakeries, so I just make my own. There is CAKELOVE in DC and Silver Spring, MD, but I haven’t tried it yet. Let me know if anyone has tasted them before! thanks!

  18. CHERYL, cakelove? what a cute name! If you ever make it over there, come back with a review! :)

  19. I am totally unbiased when it comes to buying cupcakes. I love them and if I see one in a store I MUST buy it.. I mean every cupcake deserves a chance right? It is kinda like the no child left behind rule. I must say that the pretty the cupcake the more I am drawn to skip out on lunch/dinner or breakfast and get that cupcake instead. I LOVE cupcakes. P.S. This is not helping with the dream of looking hot in my wedding dress.

  20. MOLLY, “no cupcake left behind”. Now that is a rule I can get behind. LOL. Also CONGRATS on your wedding! What an amazing time. Thankfully I didn’t get into cupcakes til after mine. whew! ;)

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