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February 6, 2008 at 6:24 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 4 Comments

I was surprised when I got 4 applicants to be a iheartcuppycakes! taste-tester within the USA so I am STOKED that I also got an international applicant!

Full Name: Beverly X
Sex: I’ve got a headache tonight ;o)
Date of Birth: 198o Summick
Contact email: :o)
Education: BA Hons Cake eatin’ – 1st class with honours
Are you eligible to work in the United States? no (but I receive airmail)
Have you ever been convicted or plead no contest to a cupcake related felony in the last year? Yes or no. If yes, explain> No, I would never harm a cupcake!!
Desired Position: The Designated Eater
Date you can start: Just send me the cupcakes baby!
Days/Hours available: M__x___ T__x___ W__x___ Th__x___ F__x___ Sa__x___ Su__x_
Are you willing to work: weekends ___x__ holidays__x___ nights__x___
Desired Salary: I’ll swap the cakes for Belgian Chocolate
Work Experience: A lifetime of eating cakies
Do you have any special cupcake skills: eating em’
May we contact your current employer? I currently employ myself, feel free to contact me
Do you have any physical conditions that would prohibit you from lifting a 6 oz cupcake? Explain> No I can do it. Bring it on baby!
Do you certify that the above answers are true to the best of your knowledge? I Do


I always think its interesting when I see written dates from an international country. In the USA we do month-date-year but other countries in the world do day-month-year. Side story: My friend emigrated to the US from Vietnam during the war and when his mother was filling out paperwork she wrote that his birth date was 04.03.1979 so on all his US records his birthday is April, 3 1979 but his real birthday is March 4, 1979. Crazy huh? I guess he has 2 birthdays now!

Unfortunately cuppycakes! does not have the resources to ship international at this time (though I was tempted with the bribe of Belgium chocolate. LOL)



  1. Aww, not quite ready to go international. Its best to have things in working order in the US before taking on such a huge project. Good call CB.

  2. SLUSH, right! We’re a US based “bloggany” but maybe in a few years we might resource out the taste testing in exchange for the cheap labor. LOL

  3. It’s obvious that this is really going somewhere though. I totally expect you to reach global proportions by 2010.

  4. ALANNA, haha. global proportions! Here’s hoping… ;)

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