500CC review #4

February 7, 2008 at 3:32 PM | Posted in 500review, cupcakes | 7 Comments

White Chocolate and Strawberry
Review by BBKiddo

They were delish! They were a wee bit dry from their journey to my house but still super yummy. I really enjoyed the white chocolate chips in the cake and the cream cheese frosting…

Read the rest of BB’s review on her blog along with her pictures. Bummer its another “dry” review but I really don’t think its *this* cupcake-er’s fault anymore…

Time to burn the book?



  1. Did you ship them frozen? I’m really curious to try it that way now. It sounds like they were yummy, but I’m thinking that you are doing a better job at cupcakes WITHOUT the book…

  2. Ditch the book, or at least the recipes. I just heard it said by a master cupcaker, that they won’t use the self-rising crap either. Try to find some plain old cake flour instead. Maybe use the book for ideas, but trust your own instincts on the actual recipes.

  3. ALANNA, I haven’t tried the frozen method yet but definitely plan to next time. thanks for the vote of confidence! I think self-rising flour is the culprit IMO.

    ZEBE, oh glad to get confirmation from a master cupcake-er! I feel much better now. Whats the difference between cake flour and AP flour? I agree. The book for ideas but scratch the self-rising flour. :)

  4. Poor book. The 500 Cupcakes calender is getting only used for the pics here.

  5. LEMON, See!? Thats what got me to buy the book… the pictures. I am easily suckered by pretty pictures. haha.

  6. burn the book! But only if you post pictures of your book burning escapades!

  7. NATALIE, haha. I’ll do a little book burning witch hunt style and take pics for you, k? :)

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