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I really do have alot to be thankful for… oh wait. Wrong holiday!

But just like Valentines’ day shouldn’t be the only day you profess your love for someone (friends, family, bf, gf, husband, wife etc), Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only day you give thanks right? I am very thankful to have such great, inspiring, caring, loving friends that deem me worthy to share their time and selflessness with me.

One of my dear friends, Nina, wrote about Pay It Forward (PIF) in her blog a couple months ago. Its the idea that if you send someone a small gift, then the receiver continues by sending someone else x3 a small gift and it becomes the gift that keeps on giving… Who doesn’t like getting a little token of friendship in the mail? I don’t know about you..? But I seriously get giddy when I get packages! I had long forgotten Nina’s PIF entry but she didn’t. So imagine my excitement when I came home to a package on my front door.

I would have been happy with anything, even a stick of gum would make me let out a tween-age giggle but she wrote in her card that shopping for me was way too easy to spend alot of money. (Can you tell that to my husband please! He complains that I am VERY hard to shop for. Au contraire cher mari!)

Without further ado, you must check out my PIF bounty!

[cupcake lip balm (so freaking cute!), heart suckers, cupcake liners, coasters (Nina made them!) and 2 aprons (Nina made these too!)]

THANK YOU NEENER! I love everything! (Although for some strange reason T doesn’t like the red apron much. Go figure! bahaha)

I would not be doing my PIF duty or honoring Nina’s generosity without continuing the PIF tradition so it is my turn to Pay it Forward. Please leave me a comment and tell me why you deserve a PIF (basically its time to use those sucking up skillz). Per Pay It Forward rules, I will pick 3 people randomly and send them a small token, bobble and/or trinket. All I ask is that if you win, please continue your PIF duty onto 3 more people too. It doesn’t have to be as bountiful as Nina’s gift. She’s just a more giving person than me. LOL.

Remember… it is better to give than to receive.

(Though depending on what I am receiving does make me flip flop on that theory sometimes. hehe)

DEADLINE: Friday, Feb 22 11:58p PST

ps. See… Nina? I kept my promise. I posted by the end of the day! teehee.



  1. I was giggling about the red apron. :) For some reason, Mike didn’t seem to think it was funny either, though…

    I think I should be chosen because I LURVE getting mail. I am a serious mailbox junkie. I stalk it constantly. For me, every day is like Christmas (except holidays and Sundays…so sad when there is no mail!)

    And, getting mail from CB??!?!?!? Nothing can be better than that!

    I also love to shop for my friends, and I get so excited when they get their packages. I’ve been wanting to do a PIF for a while now, so this sounds perfect to me! :)

  2. ALANNA, isn’t the red apron fab?!? I love it! I am exactly the same way. I LOVE getting mail *and* I get giddy shopping for friends esp if I find something I just know they are going to love.

  3. I participated in this event last year and it was a lot of fun. The red apron was to cute and funny. :)

  4. Oh, how fun! Nina is the best. I remember reading about her PIF but I totally forgot about it. Count me in :)

  5. GIGI, hey there! Yeah the red apron is my fav! haha.

    BETH, I forgot too! I think thats the best though… heart felt creative gifts that you don’t expect. :)

  6. How fun!! What a delightful surprise to get in the mail. I adore the darling apron with your cute little cuppycake on it along with all the other fun cupcake things! Good for you!

    The best things about a “PIF” ~ is it made you feel special! It is easy to tell by the utter glee in your description of the goodies. You are absolutely right, it is so much better to give that to receive… I am happy for you! :) Best!

  7. CUPCAKERY, aaww me too. ::BIG SMILE:: Mr Cuppycakes is a household (well at least in *my* household) name now!

  8. Yay!! I’m so happy you enjoyed your goodies! I love sending people packages and “seeing” your face makes me so happy!!

  9. NINA, I love everything! You are too good to me :) I can’t wait to PIF and continue what you started…

  10. Oh my dearest CB, my favoritest person in the whole wide word, the love of my life, my other half, the should-be winner of alcohol CH, the cutest, most lovable person in the world, you know you want to send your NB some goodies ;)

    If you do I promise to love you in sickness and in health until death do us part.

    haha wub you, but I’ll wub you more if you pick meeeeee

  11. NIKKI, LMAO. best suck up ever. nft.

  12. Yay I win I win :P

  13. So, I shouldn’t get anything super fun from you because you love my blog… haven’t fallen into that trap yet… but… to pull out the pity party I haven’t gotten any good mail (only bills) in a super long time… and… I haven’t seen my hubby in about a month (stupid work travel) and I think you’re cuppycakes are awesome… and it would be super fun to send other people fun stuff if you send me a little fun surprise too. :D

    Oh, and your blogs just rock in general and you know it… and I still think you should come to Chicago! :)

  14. JULIE, you need a blog. seriously. esp with your graphic design background. I bet it would be awesome! I’ll get you into it one of these days… honestly I’ve met so many amazing ppl not to mention been able to keep up with current friends through their blogs too. Its win win! Awwww a whole month? Thats so tough esp on a newlywed. :( I haven’t given up on chi-town yet. Right now its not looking that great… but I am still hoping to win the lottery though! I am not greedy… just a couple mil or 2 would be sweet! ;)

  15. (This PIF is now closed. Any comments here after will not be entered to win.)

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