Cupcake shipping solution?

February 16, 2008 at 8:34 PM | Posted in cupcakes, shipping | 9 Comments

Ever since I started IHC, I’ve been on a quest… to figure out how to ship fully FROSTED cupcakes. It doesn’t seem like it would be hard but so far the last two attempts have failed. But maybe 3rd times the charm?

Recently another IHC reader took on the challenge.

SUCCESS! w00t w00t!

Read how she did it. Thanks Zebe and LD! So creative!

BUT… call me picky. I am gonna make the challenge a little harder.

I want to ship frosted cupcakes AND keep the integrity of the cupcake in tact (ie no making holes with skewers, lollipop sticks, toothpicks etc) so put your thinking cuppy caps on! 

Who will take up the challenge next?

ps. MrsAby- I am still deciphering your hub’s cupcake shipping blue prints. I might need him to translate from engineer-ese to english please… LOL.



  1. I think you’re getting close. Considering all the places I’ve consulted (my aunt and one online bakery) send them frozen, this may be AGAIT. (as good as it gets)

  2. RACHEYPOO, yeah I have a feeling frozen is the key but all the places that ship still have to figure out how to stabilize the cupcake in the container so it doesn’t flip right? Dang this is way harder than I thought! haha. ps. I read your comment on Zebe’s blog about the fondant decor. Such a cute idea! Who doesn’t like freebies! ;)

  3. What about something like this?


    Sorry it doesn’t look like the link worked this first time

  5. Holy cow Clara! It’s about time I finally post a comment. I’ve been lurking for about a week now. I’m going through a major cupcake “phase” (let’s hope it’s not just a phase!!!) I love your site so much. Apparently I talk about cupcakes a lot b/c I was just gifted my first cupcake cookbook. Hooray!

  6. KIIIIMMMM!!, omg. How you doing love? How’s preg-life? :) Thanks for the link. I’ve seen the cup-a-cake before. But I am looking more to ship alot of cupcakes at one time and that would get very expensive to buy those everytime I ship! Appreciate the suggestion though!

    JENNY, its totally about time you posted a comment! Thanks for the sweet blog comments! I hope its not a phase either (actually thats what I tell my hubs too! haha) What book did you get? I am always in need of cupcake book recs! :)

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  8. Have you thought of taping the cupcakes at the bottom?

  9. I ship them in a clear container so the shipper knows to be more careful with them and keep them upright. Simple.

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