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I am currently in Course 3 – Fondant and Tiered Cakes – and I usually have a final exam cake at the end of every Wilton course but in this course we had a “midterm” cake of sorts. It’s practice for the final exam cake.

Fondant Bow Cake

I think it turned out uber cute! I love that tiffany blue color. (Sorry all my pink ladies… I decided to go blue vs the pink example. hehe) I could totally see “gift” cupcakes! Wouldn’t those be adorable? Hmm… T’s day is in a couple weeks. I bet he’d love red velvet gifts. :)

Even though I think fondant tastes yucky (jury is still out on the marshmallow fondant as a tastier alternative b/c I haven’t tried it yet), I love decorating with it! It’s so fun to sculpt and create 3d images with fondant compared to buttercream or royal icing IMO.

Also for your viewing pleasure… my fondant roses.

rosebud, medium rose and full rose

I was thinking maybe I could do a how-to video on the fondant rose. Would anyone be interested?



  1. Wow, your fondant roses are georgeous. Now, if you would just make them out of marshmallow fondant so that they would taste good too! ;-) Sorry, but I must get you to convert some day.

  2. ZEBE, wow. thanks so much! haha don’t worry! I am sure i’ll make a stab at the marshmallow fondant sometime soooon. ;)

  3. Beautiful!!!! I am with you…I can’t eat the stuff, but it sure does look darn professional!

  4. ALANNA, totally! I can see why so many brides love the look.

  5. Please make that video! Feel sorry for us totally broke chicks out here who can’t take the class yet!

  6. I think they look great. The Wilton fondant is really not very tasty at all. I have tried about 3 kinds and I prefer the Satin Ice kind to all others even that one kind made with white chocolate I forget the name not. I was tagged by jewelry designer Melissa J. Lee, and I’m passing the tag on to you. If you would like to participate, here are the rules:

    1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
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    3. Tag 7 people* at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
    4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

    If you’d rather not participate, just let me know – I’ll pick someone else.

  7. Those are some hot roses, good job CB.

  8. And fondant is not tasty at all, I have to agree with Rach.

  9. LT, okie!! I’ll do it maybe sometime this week. I’ll have to rehearse a couple times so I don’t sound like a complete dweeb.

    RACHEL, satin ice? Hmm… where would I get that? Another tag! w00tx2! I’ll put it up tomorrow, okie?

    G, aka Mr Nikki! How you doing boy! and thanks for compliments on me roses. :)

  10. Hi there it’s really is much better. If you want to know the honest truth. I really wanted to know for sure what people liked the best so I took the 3 kinds to work and did blind taste tests. And just about every one I knew so besides one guy who is kind of slow anyway said the satin ice was better. It’s a little harder to work with at first but after working with it a little you should be fine. I pick mine up locally since it seems to be the standard after my extensive fondant research mission. But you can also buy it on line http://www.sugarcraft.com/catalog/misc/fondanticings.htm

    Sorry to tag you again. =) Rachel

  11. RACHEL, don’t be sorry! Thats not what I meant at all! I get excited for tags. Makes me feel special ;) Thanks for the satin ice fondant link!

  12. The cake and the roses look really professional! I’ve been considering getting into fondant, but I think it’s pretty icky. What do you do, just scrape it off and eat the cake underneath?

  13. KRISTINA, thanky! yeah i think most ppl scrape it off and eat the cake. At least thats what I do ;)

  14. So gorgeous! You’ve come a long way, baby!

  15. RACHEYPOO, thanky sockmonkey!

  16. ::vid-e-o, vid-e-o:: (banging fists on the table and chanting ;)

  17. If you use the marshmallow fondant you can eat the whole cake with icing still attached to it since it’s so yummy! Your roses are beautiful, hopefully I learn as much in my class as you are learning in the Wilton classes.

  18. So pretty! I love the Tiffany blue color – maybe I should have another wedding so you can come and bake the cake…. ;)

  19. It looks so professional. I’m thinking about taking those classes but we’ll see. Make the video, I would love to see it.

  20. So pretty! Me so proud :)

  21. ANDREA, so can I assume you want me to make the v-i-d-e-o? LOL

    NINA, I definitely gonna try some marshmallow fondant on recs from you and dawn soon. Let me know how your classes go! You’ll have to BU about them, k?

    APRIL, Vow renewals…. aawwwww. I will so be there!

    LIZ R, Give it a try! Its so fun. btw can you email me? I wanna ask ya something. Thanky!

    BB, teeheee. thanks wub.

  22. What a beautiful little cake! The blue is definitely the right touch! All this talk of video! Will you?

  23. JOYTHEBAKER, hi there! Maybe I should have YOU do the video! I am still a HUGE amateur compared to the likes of “bakers”. teehee! But yes I wanna make a video maybe this week. I just hope I don’t stumble and say “um” alot. I tend to do that when I get nervous!

  24. CB you amaze me yet once again! Wanna make me a cake for my bday? :P

  25. KRMWV, SURE! it might be a little dry and smooshed by the time you got it though… hehe. When’s the big day?

  26. your cake is beautiful. I’ve been playing with fondant this week and did a little cake but I didnt get the fondant very smooth. My husband said I should take a class. I would love to see your video. I’ll stay tuned!

  27. MEGAN, thank you for compliments! I am still definitely a fondant newb but its so much fun! I’d recommend a class! Learning the basics is very helpful at least to me, but I am sure you could also teach yourself with a good book (or 2). I am hoping to make my rose video sometime this weekend. I have to wait til my videographer (aka my DH) is available. ;)

  28. A video on anything fondant would be GREAT! Especially on the roses and your draping scarf effect. Another video please on your royal icing flowers!

  29. REBECCA, I definitely have that project(s) on my to-do list. Just waiting for my videogapher (aka my brother) to help me put it together. Thanks for your encouragement! :)

  30. I’ll definitely be watching for it!

    Thank you so much — you are a LIFESAVER

  31. REBECCA, no pressure right? haha.

  32. Did the fondant already come in that Tiffany blue color or did you mix the color in yourself? If so about how much color did you use to get it right?

  33. DIANA, I used pre-made white fondant and colored with Wilton blue food coloring. I can’t remember exactly how much I used. I just kept adding a little with a toothpick and kneaded into the fondant until I got the color I wanted. HTH!

  34. I have made the marshmallow fondant and it tastes great! It basically tastes like marshmallows and I think it is easier to work with than fondant.

  35. MICHELLE, Thanks for the review of MMF. I keep telling myself I need to make it but I need more hours in the day! haha.

  36. I’ve been sitting at my computer for a good hour and fifteen minutes going through your blog. I AM O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D! everything is so well done. anywhoooo, i’ve taken a fondant class (i’m only 16 so I did a simple cake decorating one) and it came out very well to be honest.

  37. didn’t mean to press submit yet! oops! to continue… I would love to see a video of the rose creation, they look so cool! thanks!!

  38. ZOE, aawww thanks for sweet compliments! I had totally forgotten about the fondant rose video tutorial. I’ll have to add that to my to-do list very soon!

  39. oh my gosh!!! amazing!!!!! link for the video?

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