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Apparently today is National Chocolate Mint Day. Uh.. ok. I am not complaining… but what about the far more worthy National Chocolate Caramel Day? ;)

Since I froze some chocolate+ganache cupcakes that were leftover from my 2nd batch of caramel turtle cupcakes over the weekend, I decided to celebrate this “sweet” holiday with some chocolate and mint cupcakes.

Mint Buttercream Frosting

(Recipe from Cupcake Bakeshop by Chocklit | photos from ©iheartcuppycakes! )

Frosts ~24 cupcakes


1 cup (2 sticks) butter
4-5 cups powdered sugar, sifted
1/4 cup milk
1/8 teaspoon all natural peppermint extract
green food coloring


To make frosting–
Beat butter until creamy, scrape bowl. Add 4 cups of sifted powdered sugar, milk, and peppermint extract, beat until combined. Add more powdered sugar as needed to get piping consistency. Add green food coloring until you get desired shade of green.

I use my favorite piping tip, 1M, to make the purdy swirl and then topped with my favorite chocolate mint candy – York peppermint patty.


Husband rating: A
He really liked the combination of mint and chocolate but he’s still a peanut butter and chocolate fan more.

Wifey rating: A+
Oh.MY.GOD. I am usually not a mint person (unless its york peppermint patties or gum) but these cupcakes were freaking amazing!

Side note: Check out my latest baking buy – a flour sifter from Ikea. Its small and cheap but isn’t it uber cute?!! It makes sifting so fun! (Yes, I am a big dork. But you all already knew that right?)



  1. Looks so yummy! Mint and chocolate are one of my favorite flavor combinations. I’m definetly staring this in GR.

  2. NINA, if you love choco-mint then you will love this! chocolate cake, chocolate ganache and mint buttercream frosting! YUMMO!

  3. Mmm. Green mint chip is my favorite ice cream. These sound awesome. Happy Weird Chocolate Day!

  4. SLUSH, totally weird right? and tomorrow is National Cherry Pie day! haha.

  5. Yummy. I love chocolate and mint together. I wish I had a good reason to bake all of the things on here that sound good! Alas, I’m going to have to pace myself since my own contest entries are going to make me fat.

    I can’t believe that you didn’t have a flour sifter. But maybe I’m the oddball in that I’ve always had one. It is a definite bonus for making smooth buttercream!

    Is 1M a Wilton tip? I don’t recognize the number.

  6. ZEBE, nope no sifter! been using a big strainer instead. I really should pace myself b/c I know I’ve gained weight esp now that T refuses to eat more than 1 cupcake! haha. Yeah, I believe 1M is a wilton tip.

  7. I love a good sifter! Good call. I’m not a mint fan but I could do these for St. Patty’s day, for sure!

  8. RACHEYPOO, did you ever get a sifter? only $3.99 at ikea!

  9. I have the same sifter! I lurve it. Sifting is pure joy with that puppy. Those cuppies look fantastic as always. I couldn’t help but wonder how they would look/taste with a Girl Scouts Thin Mint on top. yowsers.

  10. Flour sifter… hmmm, I’ve never used one. Maybe I should get one, it seems like all the cool kids have them. :)

  11. OMG. Mint chocolate is my FAVORITE ice cream ever. These look amazing!!

    Nina – WHA? Never used a flour sifter?! Get one woman!

  12. ANDREA, its way fun! haha. simple pleasures. T said the same thing. His favorite is tagalongs so he actually said I need to make a cupcake for his favorite GS cookie. What a funny hubbie!

    NINA, what do you use to sift? I honestly think my strainer is just as good as my sifter but the sifter is just fun. haha

    MRSABY, See..? Maybe its a good idea for me NOT to move near you… We’d gain so much weight making mint chocolate cuppies and Erin’s sugar cookies!

  13. Those look super yummy! Those little Ande’s mint choclate candies are the only reason I like olive garden. Mint chocolate rocks!

  14. BB, omg yes! OG after-dinner mints are so yummy!

  15. I’ve never sifted anything, lol. I figure if the recipe calls for this, it’s umimportant. :) My recipes have worked out so far. :D

  16. NINA, ah ok. I just automatically sift my dry ingredients now b/c I have issues with clumpy powder sugar for some reason…

  17. If have lumps, I just call it “homestyle”. lol!

  18. NINA, bahaha. there you go! next time I get lumpy frosting I’ll call it “homestyle”. ;)

  19. I’ll have to make these for my husband! He loves mint and chocolate together.
    To combat the weight gain problem I just eat one or two mini cupcakes and make Ben take the rest to work. If I’m going to be baking this much, it’s the only option! I’m also going to have to get on a stricter gym schedule *gag*

  20. KRISTINA, good idea about mini versions! T use to take the extras to work but now even his CWs are saying to stop b/c they are gaining weight! haha.

  21. And… I have to agree.. where is the national chocolate caramel day? EVERYONE knows chocolate and caramel is the combination ordained by the gods to be perfection!

  22. BOMBSHELL, thankyouverymuch! I knew there was a reason why we’re friends! chocolate and caramel baby! haha.

  23. Does anyone have a cupcake recipe for peanut butter flavoured cupcakes that is delicious.

  24. CATHY, I’ve only made one PB inspired cupcake and it was pretty tasty! If you make it, let me know what you think!

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