I am the gangster of cupcakes

February 19, 2008 at 11:14 AM | Posted in non-cupcake | 13 Comments

I’ve been tagged again! (Get it? taggin… gangs… ba dum bum bing!)

Thanks to Rachel from Sugar Toppers for inviting me to join the game! Does everyone remember Rachel? She makes those uber fabulous lampwork cupcake necklaces that I won on Cupcakes Take the Cake contest!? Its my favorite piece of cupcake paraphernalia! Check out her blog and see her other great cupcake works.

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1. I have not combed my hair in 3 days.
— I have straight black stringy hair practically down to my waist. I want to cut it but I don’t want to cut it. I wash it everyday but it goes straight into a bun. No comb needed! ;)

2. I currently have 15 post-its (in all different colors) stuck on my computer screen
— I write lots of post-its to remember things b/c my memory is crap. Just ask Nikki. Maybe this is why ppl tell me secrets. I end up forgetting them.

3. I have 3 blogs (IHC, I♥food and ?)
— The last one will remain a secret until its unveiling at a later time. If you know about it, keep your darn mouth ZIPPED. I honestly can’t remember who I’ve told. (See #2) haha.

4. I am really craving cheesecake right now. No I am not pregnant.
— Preferably a white chocolate vanilla bean cheesecake. Mmmm…

5. My perfect job would be a SAHB (stay at home blogger)
— Can someone make that happen for me? please please please… ;)

6. I never wear makeup
— Unless you count chapstick as makeup. Also I tend to rub my eyes alot so mascara is just not happening.

7. I got lasik about 3 years ago as a birthday gift from my parents
— I love it! I’ve worn glasses or contact since I was 7 years old. My eyesight is/was HORRIBLE. If you understand prescriptions then mine was -12 right -10 left. YIKES! I recommend it to anyone! Just do your research and find a reputable ophthalmologist. I still find myself neurotically reaching for non-existent glasses in the morning though. hehe.

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Nikki, Crazy Delicious
Laurie, Quirky Cupcake
Leigh, Lemon Tarlet and Dust Bunnies
Jess, Cakespy
Andrea, Born to Entertain
Jessica, The Tattooed Mama
???, How to eat a cupcake (OMG. I have no idea what your first name is? haha)

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  1. You have the worst memory of anyone I’ve ever met. And I have told you thinks and watched you forget within hours. Priceless

    I know the third blog neener neener neener

  2. NIKKI, oh yes. the memory is bad. Its a wonder I know who I am somedays. Keep ur darn lips zipped. You better not have told anyone you snitch!

  3. Wouldn’t stay at home blogger be SAHB?? Because SATB makes me think of choir song arrangements. I want to be a SAHB too, but stay at home baker. I want to get Lasik but have been waiting until we have vision coverage and to see how more people do with it long term. Lastly, it is too bad that you’ve sworn to never have kids, because Old Navy had some really cute cupcake outfits that said “Daddy’s little cupcake.”

  4. ZEBE, ooopsies! thanks for correction. haha. I saw the ON cupcake clothes! I might buy them anyways since I am bound to be an auntie someday! ;)

  5. You even forgot that it should’ve been see #2 (which mentioned your bad memory) and not see #3 (which is the same line that it’s in, ahem)


  6. ^^bwahahaha

  7. LEMON, ::smacks forehead:: why do I feel like it gives you great pleasure to point out my mistake?

    BB, don’t waf at me :( me sad that BB waffed at me.

  8. It’s isn’t pleasure! It’s establishing the bonds of sisterhood through mutual acts of air headedness!

  9. LEMON, sisterhood my arse. haha.

  10. I noticed the other typo too, but I was trying to be kind & only mention one at a time :-)

  11. ZEBE, haha. thanks?

  12. You know you could always make cute bunny clothes out of the ON t-shirts :P

  13. Oh, I agree on the Lasik – best thing EVER!

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