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The Great Crunked Cupcake Exchange

This month the Cupcake Hero theme is any form of liquor, booze, alcohol, sauce, spirits, intoxicant… (Dang! There are alot of synomyns for this addiction huh?) and my winoholic friend, Alanna, and I decided that this was a cupcake ingredient worthy of an exchange!

I was really craving a cupcake but of course I had *just* given all my chocolate mint cupcakes away when my mailman swooped (ok… maybe it was more of a stiff legged scoot) to my front door to save the day! *cue superman theme song* I think I scared my mail man though b/c I let out a squeal when I realized that they were a package of the crunked kind!

Alanna’s Vanilla Nut Martini Cupcakes!

She sent me 4 cupcakes and a cute piping bag of frosting. I didn’t waste a minute and started piping those bad boys right away! (I told you I was craving right?!) The smell hits you smack in the face. I momentarily stopped my piping to take a deep inhaled whiff. Mmmmm… Aaawwww… I love that vanilla bean smell. I accidentally (on purpose) got some frosting on my fingers and instinctively licked it off. The “cake” was good but OHMYGOD… the frosting? Best vanilla bean frosting EVER!

In 1-2-3 bites. It was gone!

Thanks Alanna! Be on the lookout for *your* crunked cupcakes sooooon…



  1. These were sooo good. I was lucky enough to taste them too!

  2. Awww, I love that CH is bringing hooched love to the masses. ;)

  3. NATALIE, Mmmmm… they were SO good. We were definitely the lucky cuppy ones… ;)

    SLUSH, hooched love! bahahaha!

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad they made it, safe and sound. :) I had so much fun packing them up for you! :) I can’t wait to get mine….

  5. ALANNA, they arrived so perfectly! thanks again for the yummy taste!

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