Taggin’ aint easy but its necessary!

February 21, 2008 at 9:40 PM | Posted in non-cupcake | 9 Comments

♫ Taggin’ aint easy but its necessary!
So I’m chasin’ cuppies like Tom chases Jerry… ♫♪

One of my favorite cupcake-ers, Laurie over at Quirky Cupcake, has prompted me with a new tag called Favorites. Actually it was “Wednesday Favorites” but I am dollar and a day short so I’ll do the Thursday edition instead.

CB’s Thursday Favorites

-red, but I wear more blues… go figure *shrugs


-pizza or pasta

-non-alcoholic=ice cold water | alcoholic=caramel apple martini

-chex “crack” mix

-vanilla bean

-Project Runway!

-First thing that came to my head was “Superman” by Soldier boy. LOL

CrazyDeliciousFood (yes, she pays me to promote her blog whenver possible! LOL)


Cupcake Hero and Master Baker

-I ♥ my red KA mixer

-flip flops

-this is a trick question right? favorite and chore do not belong in the same sentence but I will tolerate vacuuming.

Frankly I’ve lost track of who’s already been tagged and in an effort to keep the double (triple) tagging to a minimum… Feel free to do your favorites too! if you are in my GR I’ll be sure to read, enjoy and comment. Have a nice Thursday!



  1. That’s right I pay you the big bucks :P oh and I think I just linked back here like 4 times in my post so do you owe me money because 4 is more than 1 or 2 because you did include MB

  2. NIKKI, we’ll have to work out the legalities of what constitutes blog promoting with our lawyers. I don’t trust you. bahahaha.

  3. Goofy F’ers. Although, I have a similar thing going on with TW. She insists I wont be her friend unless she links to me once a week. But, I am a stat whore, so I cant complain. I am surely going to hell.

    Thanks for doing the meme CB!

  4. We are not goofy we’re ummm ..ummm.. crap we’re goofy

  5. SLUSH, another SW here! and proud of it!

    NIKKI, we are NOT goofy. We are fuggen rockstars.

  6. Ohh yes rockstars much better. I don’t have to be able to sing to be a rock star do I? Because I can’t sing.

  7. NIKKI, I think that we are so MONEY that we can be rockstars that only know how to do the lip-syncing and simultaneous head banging.

  8. Whatever beech. I see how it is – you love Nikki’s blog more than mine. LOL ;)

  9. MRSABY, sorry she pays me. But I am not above taking more money. We’ll start the bidding at $1 million. haha.

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