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February 26, 2008 at 10:46 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 23 Comments

If you ask me what Google Rank is, I really couldn’t tell you but its on a scale of 0-10 importance. 10 being the obvious highest and therefore “best” as determined by some criteria that I have no idea what they are by Google. (I am a fountain of information today huh?)

I never really paid attention to Google ranks because… well… I’ve been a 0 for so long that I finally just gave up ever seeing anything other than a BIG FAT zero! Imagine my surprise today when my good friend, NB, says… “Guess what?? You’re a 5!” My first reaction was “uh… no I am a 10 baby!” but soon I realized she was talking about my blog and not my HAWT bod. LOL

After she helped me figure out how to see my page rank, there appeared a figurative brilliant celestial blog light… I couldn’t believe it! She wasn’t fibbing… IHC is a 5!

What?? No freaking way!

How does one go from a 0-5 in a month?? I’ll tell you how… YOU! And all my other GREAT subscribers out there in BloggerLand! So thanks to everyone that reads, comments, lurks and enjoys my cuppycakes blog. I could never be a 5 without you all.

Do you want to know your rank? Leave me a comment and I’ll let you know or you can download Google’s tool bar and see for yourself. Don’t be sad if you are a zero though. The blogosphere isn’t just made up of the 10s… it also needs the little guys like us.

Happy Tuesday!

EDIT: I stand corrected. Google ranks update every 3 months (according to Nikki who, might I add is beechy when she’s sick) so apologies to my readers who have been with me from the very beginning. You ALL rock! ;)



  1. rank me!

  2. ALANNA, 2 baby! w00t!

  3. Good job! Your blog is awesome, I’m certainly glad to have found it :) I’m afraid to know my rank! I get an average of about 3 views a day lol Whatev, with time there will be growth (I hope)

  4. No CB, they update the google toolbar rankings every three months. You didn’t just get great readers this month. Sheesh way to make the people who have been here since the beginning feel like dirt

  5. KRISTINA, thank you! Honestly give it time, keep on blogging and eventually people can’t help but find themselves addicted to your blog! :)

    NIKKI, sheesh. my bad! ::going to edit post to make miss sicky nikki happy::

  6. Dear Mr. Cuppycake
    You send cuppys to lots of people (especially JKnotties). I, however, am not one of them. Mr. Cuppy, I thought I showed you lurve. I thought we had a relationship. But quite frankly, I’m just hurt. I don’t even know why I’m here right now helping to bolster your google rating. I thought you would be impressed by my recent ascent into the cupcake world with my totally awesome cupcake hero etnry, but I guess that was all just lies. Whatever cuppy, whatever.

  7. Dear Andrea, I am so sorry that I misled you to believe that I was impressed about receiving cupcakes. At this time there are 3 ways of receiving cupcakes:
    1. I bake a cupcake inspired by you
    2. you are a IHC taste tester
    3. you win the 500CC challenge.
    Keep trying! I have a good feeling winkywinky that you will be receiving cupcakes soooon…
    Sincerely, Mr Cuppycakes

  8. haaaaaaahahahaha. you are a funny girl!!

  9. and btw, i still wub you!

  10. Ooh I want to know what mine is (probably a zero!!). Haha.

  11. JEN!!!, how you doing stranger?? I absolutely LOVE your blog. My closet is happy but not my CC. haha You are a 3 baby! w00t!

  12. I haven’t been on long, so I might not even exist yet! But is there even a .05 rating for a little Cupcakery in New York? *love love*

  13. CUPCAKERY, Sorry babe. No decimal google rankings but give it time. Best advice I can give you: Love what you write and ppl will love to read. ;)

  14. I want cupcakes, I want cupcakes. I never win, boooo!
    OK, whining over. Eating cadbury mini eggs to compensate for lack of cupcakes.

  15. NATALIE, Cadbury eggs you say? I might be tempted to barter cupcakes for cadbury eggs… ;)

  16. Oooh, cadbury eggs sound yummy. I almost bought some of the mini ones at the store today. Hmm, I bet those could make a cute cupcake topper of some sort. I have the google toolbar and I have the rank bar on there, but I’m not seeing it show any rankings. What am I missing?

  17. ZEBE, if you go on any website, wait for it to fully load and you will see the bar fill up with green depending on the rank. If you mouseover page rank it will tell you what the website is X/10. Try it with IHC. HTH.

  18. I downloaded the Tool Bar but don’t know where to find “Page Rank”. I wanted to check to see how my daughters blog ranks.

  19. LIZ.N, Its right next to bookmarks. See my picture in my post? Or you might have to enable page ranks. Go to settings–>options. I am not sure if its under features or buttons. HTH.

  20. CB, you are always so informative. Can you rank me, baby?

    rank me baby, oh yeah. i want my rank up not down, til I say stop! I want to play with ranky, it makes me real hawt! ranky me baby, oh yeah.

  21. RACHEYPOO, you dirty girl! and you are a 2 skippety doo! ::high five::

  22. omg I just saw that you called me beechy. TY :P

  23. NIKKI, who me?
    ::looking around innocently::

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