Is your cupcake fierce?

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His name is Christian. He is so fierce.

A few of my favorite Christian-isms for your reading pleasure…

-ohmygod I am gonna die
-I love Asians, Asians are fierce
-I am not feeling fierce right now
-She’s like one of the most fierce people I’ve ever met. That’s a big deal b/c I’ve met some fierce beeches in my life!
-tickity tack
-tranny mess up in this room

Christian is one of the last 3 designers out of 15 left on Project Runway before the big Bryant Park finale next Wednesday, March 5th. Mark your calendars!!

To say that I am a PR addict would be an understatement. I spent most of my afternoon working chatting with fellow PR addicts (Nikki, Andrea, Rachel and Kristi) about the upcoming show tonight in anticipation for the season finale next week. My friend, Andrea, was the one that pose the question: Is your cupcake fierce?

So I decided to pose her question to all my IHC readers… Is your cupcake fierce? Prove it! Create a fierce cupcake.

– Ingredients: whatever you want! Anything goes as long as its fierce!
– Tell me why *YOUR* cupcake is fierce.
– Email me *AND* Andrea your blog entry URL (pictures recommended but not required)

Deadline: Tuesday, March 4th @ 12midnight PST

Roundup to be posted on March 5th in honor of PR season finale! Winner to be announced soon after…

The winner will be chosen based on their fierce blog entry and presentation by me and my co-host, Andrea. (Omg. Talk about fierce? She is SO fierce!)

Winner will receive a fierce cupcake related prize to be determined by me.

(How many times can I write “fierce” in my blog entry? LOL)

What you waiting for? Go get your fierce cupcake-ing on!



  1. CB’s cuppys are godawefulhideous


    Wub you you tranny mess

  2. mmmmmmm hmmmmm, don’t enter anything looking like tranny ice cream up in this contest!

  3. NIKKI, oh oh oh!! thats just tickity tack up in this blog. whatev beech.

  4. ohh I forgot to sign it

    -ferosha coutura

  5. ANDREA, ::snapping fingers:: Mkay!??

  6. omg this post is so FIERCE! It’s cracking me up and for some reason I feel the need to tell you here and on gchat.

  7. CB, you are Asain, therefore you are fierce.

  8. RACHEYPOO, did you ever doubt my fierceness?

  9. Dammit! I cannot spell.

  10. NOPE

  11. RACHEYPOO, np. I am SO fierce I understood your tickity tack lack of spelling. LOL

  12. OMG! I do not watch this but I MUST DVR the entire season next week now.

    FEROSH!! LMAO I’m gonna die!

  13. MRSABY, w00t! marathon next wednesday baby! Definitely DVR that shitz. Its fiercely ferosh!

  14. OMG I am so adding to my tivo and I am plotting up ferosh cuppy cakes!

  15. I will see what I can do. I think I am too old to be fierce at anything. :P

  16. BB, You MUST tivo too. I can’t believe you do not partake in the fierceness. tsk tsk. Can’t wait to see your most fierce cuppycake!

    SLUSH, whatev! You’re like 30 going on 18! Energy like a cougar! Enter if you have time. No stress b/c I know you got your baking hands busy with CH shiz.

    I read the post title and I thought of Christian before I even saw the rest of the post!
    This may be the most wonderful blogging event I’ve ever seen.
    My cupcake will be ALLLL KINDS OF FIERCE!
    meeep I need to catch up on PR; they’re down to just 3 now??

  18. ALLISON, w00t! Glad you are joining in on the fierceness. LOL. You SO need to catch up! Only Christian, Jillian and Rami left. ::sniff:: They grow up so fast…

  19. omg, CB, look at how fierce we are!! Everyone is down to be ferosh. I cannot wait! Bring it beeches!

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  21. CB you are SO FEROSH! Now, if I could make a cupcake to look like one of these wigs – hmm….

  22. KRMWV, those wigs are crazy! My fav is probably the cinnamon bun rolls aka Princess Leia wig. LOL

  23. This ones for you CB!

  24. KMEADOWS, bahaha. Now *THOSE* are some fierce cupcakes! I must save that picture… LOL

  25. OMG….I was so not going to make anymore cupcakes until the next CH challenge….but we do have house guests to help me eat them…I think I just might have to try this. I know that I am in no way, shape, or form as ferosh as CB, but I am going to see what I can do…

  26. ALANNA, oh honey… do not doubt your fierceness! You are SO ferosh. :) Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  27. Fierce… hmmm, I don’t know if I have a fierce bone in my body, but we’ll see…

  28. NINA, you are definitely fierce… at the very least, fierce by association! ;)

  29. […] Peeps vs. Bunnies 29 02 2008 As soon as I heard about CB’s Fierce Cupcake Challenge, I knew I had to participate. CB is one of my most faithful Cupcake Hero participants, and a good […]

  30. I can’t even tell you how hilarious I think this contest is. I am SO, FOREVER into Project Runway. I how I have time to make a hot mess of a cupcake in my kitchen. One hot tranny mess coming right up!

  31. JOY, w00t! PR addicts forever! I can’t wait to see your fierce cupcake! Its totally gonna be anti-tranny mess. trust your fierceness.

  32. CB, first of all, thank you for your awfully sweet comment on my Siamese twin French bread loaves for the Daring Bakers challenge. And second of all, THANK YOU for such a FIERCE post! Yea!! I’m thinking of Siamese twin cuppycakes… now wouldn’t that be fierce. ;)

  33. Hi JESSE! this is my cuppycakes blog but my DB stuff is on my food blog if you wanna see my pasty white batard! haha. I would love to see your fierce cupcakes! Hope you have a chance to enter! :)

  34. I did it…check it out. Fierceness in all it’s glory.

  35. ALANNA, w00t! ::off to look at some fierce-ified cupcakes::

  36. he makes me smile…i waver between thinking his ego is WAY to big and being grateful he is so entertaining! this is a fierce idea!

  37. MARY, ditto for me. Thankfully his entertainment value far exceeds his ego for me. I just love hearing the next thing he’ll say! haha. If you are talking about ego, Rami bugs the CRAP out of me!!

  38. […] | CB (someone *cough*CB*cough* is behind in her link to Nikki quota) and A-nig are hosting a Fierce Cuppy Contest.  Why you ask?  Well because my beloved Christian is going to show off his full on fierceness […]

  39. i loved the chat as well.. and oh my gosh… ha ha.. i’m so happy.

    the others were just so godawfulhideous.

  40. TATTOOED MAMA, you are welcome to PR chat anytime! Next up… TC baby! w00t!

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