20Kay Shameless Plug Giveaway

March 2, 2008 at 9:02 PM | Posted in cupcakes, giveaway | 68 Comments

Huh? What? 20,000? ::rubbing eyes in disbelief::

Somehow in the middle of blogging and baking, I lost track of my hits and my stats jumped from 5,000 –> 20,000 sprinkles! What better way to celebrate than a giveaway, right? ;)

I’ve been working on going public with my little home business for the last month now. Before it was just something I did per family and friends’ requests but now I am hoping to branch out and go global… well at least blog-al? (Switch the “g” and the “b”! How convenient!) I admit I am a little scurred. Its my pet project. Please be kind. My ego is fragile. hehe.


Special thanks to Cuppycake Designs for the fabulous rhiney-inspired blog design.

Since this *IS* the shameless plug giveaway I decided to celebrate my 20K hits and plug my new business with a custom iron-on cupcake rhinestone! Think of the possibilities… You could put it on a shirt, tote bag, apron… just about any ol fabric and turn it into something FIERCE!!

Both designs are about 3″ H x 2.5″ W and include 2 different size red and clear rhinestones to create each image.

If you would like to enter, please leave a comment and tell me what you would be willing to pay if you were buying a similar custom rhinestone for yourself? (Appreciate your honest answers.) After the deadline I will draw, not 1 winner, but 2 WINNERS, that will get one free iron-on cupcake rhinestone.

DEADLINE: Monday, March 17th @ 12mid PST

(Sorry I can only ship within the US at this time.)

If you would like a custom rhinestone made by me… Let’s chat! Email me for a free quote!

BBKiddo, Me thinks you need a Chargers lightning bolt rhinestone… huh huh? ;)

PS. Cupcakes are love but rhinestones are fierce!



  1. I would like to take credit for at least 10,000 of those hits. So, you’re welcome.

    I am so winning this one. There is no contest and I’m due for a win!

    Congrats Beech!

  2. Oh and I would pay about a bazillion dollars for one of those Fierce cuppy rhineys!

    But since I don’t have a bazillion dollars … I would say $19.95

  3. Hurray! Hiney Rhiney shows it’s, um…face?

    I’d pay $14.95 for a custom rhiney to iron on a shirt or undies. Maybe a $20 if it was more elaborate (like the cuppy ones).

    Hurray for Hiney Rhiney!!!

  4. NIKKI, I do not deny. Its probably more like 15K though. ;) So this bazillion dollars you mentioned? I can take travelers’ checks if thats helpful? LOL. I think its hilarious that you didn’t give me a round number. Something about adding $X.95 makes it seem that much cheaper you know?

    RACHEYPOO, I think the more obvious is “shows its butt”. BAHAHAHA! You and Nikki with your $X.95 prices. So fuggen funny!

  5. RP copied me who are you kidding

  6. Hiney Rhiney! Wow! Go you! I think I would say $15. $15? I love love love the cupcake rhinestone! I’m definitely going to have to buy one…. now just where to put it. hmmm.

  7. Between 5.00 for simple ones and 20.00 for more complicated ones sounds fair to me. Don’t enter me in the drawing, since we got that exchange thang going on. (Y’all can thank me for not entering the drawing when one of yo puny mortals gets a break, hmmmph)

  8. I am in total support of your business babe. However, I do not think I have ever bought anything with rhinestones on it? I have no flipping clue what one would pay for something like that. For this reason, you can keep me out of the drawing too. I was not much help here.

  9. I love Hiney Rhiney! Congrats to you! I would pay $10-15 for the cupcakes!

  10. I’ve seen your work and it’s freaking amazing! I say $10-$25 (less complicated to medium) and then more for the more complicated. GL Clara!

  11. JOYTHEBAKER, aaww thanks for your support! Shipping wouldn’t be too bad b/c you live in LA right? I live in OC. (please don’t say the “the” part. thanks) LOL.

    LT, haha. exchange thang? Yessir we do! uh…what was it again? I gots lots of side dealings that sometimes I forget. LOL. Thanks for your support!

    SLUSH, thanks for the honesty and support, hun.

    APRIL, I love it too! I am a freak when it comes to plays on words. Thanks for your support!

    LIZ, thanks so much! I need to email you to write me a testimonial!

  12. The OC. The OC. CB lives in THE OC

  13. I’m too old for a rhiney hiney. Plus it might cost several hundred dollars for you to make one big enough to fit my back pocket.
    But I’m thinking my skinny lil’ monkey would so love that! I’m not sure how big they are to say honestly what I would pay. And being in marketing I have to tell you- screw what people say they will pay. You need to price these based upon your time and invested resources girlfriend. Just ask and I’ll be happy to send you the very complicated formula. Of course I’ll have to charge you for the consult and my ridiculously overpriced education. ;-)

  14. hi! i love your cupcakes! i emailed you recently about the small oven question. i tried baking with my small-oven (which isn’t a toaster oven. it’s just this microwave sized oven) and it turned out great.

  15. NIKKI, shut it.

    TW, LOL. whatev with that! They are about 3″h x 2.5″ w. I think its a good size for a tshirt. I would love to hear your complicated formula! But I am sure I couldn’t pay your overpriced well-deserved fees. Can we work on a layaway plan? hehee.

    Hi KIWI! Glad to hear your oven question worked out. Sorry I wasn’t much help! Did you write about it in your blog? I’d love to read what modifications you made.

  16. Oh, I so want to win! Cute designs — they would totally look great on an apron!

  17. I agree with TW, we SO gotta sit down and figure out cost of material and how long it takes you to make the little darlings. So… like… since I don’t know any of that.. I’m going to say… 8 for the simple ones.. and… 15 for more complicated designs.

  18. Wow…I LOVE that one with the cherry on top. So pretty! CB, you are a rockstar with the rhinestones!!! I think I paid like $1.25 for one letter, so I’d say that a cupcake would probably sell for somewhere around $5 at a store like Michaels. But in a boutique cupcake or rhinestone shop, you could probably get more like $10-$15. :)

  19. Hallo!
    Love the one with the cherry on top!! Both are soooo cute!

    Hand crafted items are always more expensive and more unique than commercial items found in the stores. You have to take into consideration materials, your hourly wage, other overhead expenses. Profit is important if you want to build your business in order to keep it open and growing!

    I’ve never bought one before so I’m not sure what I would pay. I would imagine that an iron on woule be more durable than the sticker ones you see in the stores though and hence more expensive. You get what you pay for right! :)

    You may also want to consider selling on Etsy. It is a great site for hand crafted goods and yours are very cool and unique!

  20. NATALIE, thanks for your enthusiasm and support! I agree… on an apron would be so fab in the kitchen!

    BOMBSHELL, I’d say you done guessed good. I’ll have to sit down and do some calculations but thats pretty much the price range I was thinking too. :)

    ALANNA, damn $5 @ Michaels. That sucks. It wouldn’t be worth it for me to make them for $5. I think I better promote my shop as a boutique then ;) Thanks hun!

    NIKITA, thanks for your insight! I totally agree. I’ll definitely have to look into etsy. I’ve gotten a couple emails with the same recommendation. Thanks!

  21. $7 each…thanks for the contest and congratulations for stepping up your business.

  22. JULIE, thanks for the support!

  23. Oooh awesome, I love sparklies!! I would probably pay between 10-15 for the basic designs and then 20-up for something custom. People will always pay for custom work!

  24. KRISTINA, haha. Thats what I am hoping! Thanks for your support!

  25. […] out my blog and enter to win a FREE custom cupcake iron-on rhinestone! Posted by CB, on Monday, March 3, 2008 […]

  26. So super cute! Hmm, for a little “decal” I’m pay probably $5-6. For words maybe like $10 at the most? I’m pretty cheap though. I hope I win!!

  27. NINA, um… yeah.. thats cheap. The materials by themselves cost me more than that! haha. Thanks for the honesty!

  28. OMG I love you! Yes please! I think I will need Charger jeans (bolt on one back pocket and 85 on the other for my man Gates) and I will need a CHarger tank top, and a charger t-shirt. Me so exicted! Send me an email with pricing!

  29. You should consider doing cell phone covers too. I did my sidekick and it nearly drove me mad, but you have some rhinestone xp lol Places that do them custom charge like $150 on up, so it could be profitable! Sorry I didn’t mention it in my earlier comment, but I didn’t think about it til I came upstairs and saw my phone on the couch :)

  30. Those are cute! I think I’d be willing to pay between $10-$15 each. I’m sure they are time consuming to make. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Where I live there are a lot of craft fairs and events of that sort; I think $14.95 – $19.95 depending on the size is what you could charge for those darling swirly frosting cupcakes with the cherry on top! I like this better than a bedazzler!

    P.S. How cute would these be on an apron! Love it!

  32. Wow, work it out girl. Those are some of the fiercest rhineys I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some FIERCE rhiney’s up in my life! (serio, my wedding was chock full as you prob. know). I lurve them! I would say it def. depends on the design, but anywhere from $10 – $20. You are ferosh!

  33. Since it’s custom, hand-made work, I’d say I’d be willing to pay $10-$20 for one.
    They are SO cute!! I wish I could make something like that! I’ll just stick with making the real things.
    Do you sell on Etsy?

  34. I would pay $10-$12 for those adorable decals! I have the perfect apron for them too!

  35. I just got a job working in the school cafeteria. I would so put it on an apron for work! I would have the coolest one! Id pay $5.00 up to maybe $8.oo. That is my honest answer. BTW-thanks for entering my contest. You got a ticket in the hat.
    Please put a ticket in your hat for me.

  36. BB, w00t! I will definitely be sending you an email. Let me figure out pricing, k?

    KRISTINA, oh that is a very good idea! I might have to give it a try on my cell phone and see how I do! haha.

    LIZ.N, Yes, they do take a little time. Those darn rhinestones are slippery suckers! haha. Thanks for your support!

    CUPCAKERY, thanks so much for your “crafty” insight! I was thinking around that price range so its good to know I am on the right track. I totally agree. They would be uber cute on an apron!

    AMBJER, No.. not on etsy… yet! But I’ve had a couple ppl tell me that etsy would be a great marketplace for my cupcake rhineys though so I am definitely gonna look into it!

    ENZA, thanks for the support!

    MEGAN, You definitely got your name in the hat! GL!

  37. I would be more than happy to write the testimonial so e-mail me and I’ll send it to you.

  38. I’m with the $10 – 15 range. They are so entirely cute. I think I’m in love.

    Congrats on the crazy hits. You’re big time!

  39. I would totally put one of these on my canvas grocery bag. I would pay $8.95-$12.95 with tax and shipping that would round it up to $10-15 total.

  40. Those are totally too cute cupcakes! Great job making them – definatley love the swirl one! I’d be willing to pay up to $15.00 for them.

  41. LIZ, YGM!! thanks hun!

    SHARI, aawww thanks for sweet compliments! I am thinking the same range as you too. Not sure about big time. Freaking ATC gets 10,000 hits a day! Now that is crazy! I stil haven’t broken my biggest stat day yet! haha.

    PRISSYCOOK, thanks for including tax and shipping. Thats definitely something I need to consider too. I think it would look absolutely fab on your canvas bag!

    JULIE, w00t! thanks! looks like $15 is the magic number. I am glad I am on the right pricing path.

  42. Way to go on the 20k!
    I’d pay a good $7.00 for the decal, or thereabouts. It’s cool that it’s handmade, so maybe like $10. Yeah..I’d go at least $10.
    And I do have an apron that would LOVE to be adorned with such cupcake-cuteness!

  43. SUZY, hey there stranger? How’s the wee one? I can’t remember your due date. You have to post your cupcake nursery for me, k? I bet its uber adorable!

  44. Way cute designs. I’d pay probably $10-15 for a design similar to the cupcake ones. Could you make smaller ones for baby onesies? I think those would be freakin’ sweet.

    I checked out hineyrhiney. I may have to send my sister your way.

  45. OUROHANA, a baby onsies is a freaking adorable idea! I could definitely make a smaller one! Maybe I’ll have to try it this weekend and see how it turns out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  46. Love your designs! Depending on the size I would say a “sellable” price would be between $5 for small and $15 for larger. Maybe three sizes for all pocketbooks? Cupcake creativity is endless!

  47. SUZYQT, I will definitely have to figure out pricing based on sizing for sure. Obviously the bigger the design the more rhinestones. Thanks for your comment!

  48. I love the cupcakes, especially the more elaborate one! I’ll admit that I would probably try to make something like this myself, before I would buy it. However, depending on the cost of materials, versus how much time I would spend, then probably the $10-15 range. It would depend some on what “theme” I was looking for and if there were comparable items available in other mediums (like embroidery or custom screen printing). Are you going to ship in padded envelopes so you can save on shipping, or were you planning on boxes? I’d probably place them between two pieces of cardboard and then use a padded envelope…but I’m cheap like that.

  49. ZEBE, I totally understand. I tend to try to make things myself just to prove that I can do it too. Thats how I got into rhineys in the first place! haha. But it was alot more tedious and time consuming than I thought but I still love it. I’d say give it a try and let me know what you think! I ship them in a small padded envelope between cardboard like you said. GMTA!

  50. OMG…shiney AND cuppycakes! OMG! I think I may pass out!

    I think it depends on the size of them for sure.
    small $12
    Md: $16
    Lg $22

  51. MANDI, haha. those are my marketing tools – shiny and cuppycakes! Thanks for the pricing suggestions!

  52. Hi,

    I’m an international reader, so I’m not entering this contest.

    But I would like to say that the rhinestone cupcake with the cherry on top is gorgeous!!! I love this blog!

  53. Those are adorable! I’m looking to find great ideas for my nursery that I’m planning. I would definitely say somewhere in the $10 range.

  54. Left the wrong link to my webiste! Sorry ;)

  55. BUNNYB, aawwww bummer. I’d love to make you one but I am not sure how much shipping would be internationally but drop me an email if you are interested in ordering anytime and we’ll see what we can work out, k? Thanks for the compliments!

    SARA, I love the idea of a cupcake nursery! My good friend is trying for a girl right and I can’t wait to help her with her nursery someday. I also left you a link on your blog with a couple ideas! Let me know what you think! :)

  56. Hi CB,

    I think your Riney’s are fantabulous. Don’t sell yourself short. Time, materials, and intricacy should all count towards pricing. This isn’t some mass-produced junk, and people are willing to pay more. Especially for special events like weddings.

    Your prices are extremely competive for the Wedding/Bridal market, but if you are specializing in a niche like cupcake designs (which are totally delicious)you probably won’t have as much exposure for your bridal stuff (just a thought). I say cupcakes all the way!!

  57. HI HEALTHCHICK! Thanks for your sweet comments! I am not sure what niche I want. I think I just wanna do anything and everything. Your creativity is the limit with what I can create. I’ll probably just keep adding to my gallery as I get orders so its a little more balanced and not so wedding heavy.

  58. Those are super cute! I’d pay $15-$20 depending on how big they are!

  59. RACHEL, thank you for your pricing suggestion!

  60. Hi!
    I’d LOVE to win one of these! My fav is the one on the left but they are both YUMMY!
    As far as price…..I have no idea about stuff like this.
    I think it depends on the size and geographical location….maybe around $10-$13?

  61. JENMARIE, aaaawww thanks for your sweet compliments!

  62. Those are so cute. love the rhinestones. Looking forward to seeing other rhinestone designs.

  63. STEPHANIE, aawww thanks so much! I am working on some sports inspired ones for a Charger-lover client… Check on my hiney rhiney blog in the next week! :)

  64. Fun blog! Congrats on your milestone! I don’t know a lot (read: anything) about rhinestones, but those are really cute — I would probably pay $10-$15 but keep in mind that is just a girl shopping and thinking those are cute, but having no idea how much it would cost to make, etc. :)

  65. Hi AMANDA, thanks for your compliments! I think thats a great estimate. Appreciate your honesty! :)

  66. Adorable… I made my way over from a long string of blog clicking… I agree with amanda… I would pay about 10-15 for a cute pair of undies or a tank top.

  67. MAXIE, haha. I’ll take the 7 degrees of blog clicking anytime! Thanks for your sweet compliments! :)

  68. (This giveaway is now closed. Any comments here after will not be entered to win. Sorry, try again on next one!)

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