Fierce Cupcake Countdown…

March 4, 2008 at 6:34 AM | Posted in blog event, cupcakes | 14 Comments


There is less than 24 hours to get your fierce on by entering my fierce cupcake challenge!

Deadline: Tuesday, March 4th @ 12mid PST

So far I have 5 confirmed entries (Thanks Laurie, Michelle, Alanna, Jen, Mary!). But I am pretty I’ve seen more out there in the blogosphere!

Please don’t forget to email me AND Andrea with the blog entry link and tell us why *YOUR* cupcake is fierce! If you did not get a reply to your email or a comment on your blog then I have not received your entry!

We don’t want to miss out on any fierce-ness!

Check back for the FIERCE CUPCAKE round up on Wednesday, March 5th for the season finale of Project Runway! w00t!



  1. I’m getting my fierce on tonight, be afraid, be very afraid. :)

  2. I am looking forward to the fierce that is Nina.

  3. Oh, I cannot wait to see how fierce this competition gets…

  4. Oh you know its gonna be FIERCE!! Mkay! ::snapping fingers::

  5. Just seen this so I am going to miss entering this time round but great idea! I think I would have styled mine on Tyra she is soooo fierce!!

  6. MUESLI, oh totally! Tyra is WAY fierce. Oohhhh… You just gave me an idea! ::light bulb::

  7. Alanna – this competition is getting fierce indeed. Those cupcakes are pure FEROSH! I cannot wait to see what else we get! CB how will we ever pick a winner??

  8. ANIG, I have no idea! I think I’ll just have to channel my inner fierce-ness and it will point me in the right anti-tranny direction. ;)

  9. I am writing my FIERCE post this very moment.
    My cupcakes are so fierce, they will maul you.

  10. ALLISON, w00t! I can’t wait to see how fierce you can be!

  11. I’m so sad I will miss this. I had seriously fabulous ideas and no time to make them happen :(

  12. BB, aaawwww no worries. Maybe I’ll host another one just for you… ;)

  13. No worries for BB, Top Model is in full effect beeches, we can for that or Top Chef. Oh CB, imagine the possibilities!

  14. ANDREA, the possibilities are endless.

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