When FIERCE meets Cupcake

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Welcome to the fierce-way…

As you know in cupcake fashion… one day you’re fierce and the next day you’re auf’ed!

For this challenge we asked you create a fierce cupcake inspired by our favorite fierce PR designer, Christian Siriano.

The winning cupcake will receive a fierce prize related to my IHC blog. (Thats the only hint you get!)

Let’s meet the judges. First we have fierce writer and baker behind IHC – Clara Cuppycakes. Next we have Andrea Anig#1 fierce editor of Born to Entertain Inc.

We will score your cupcakes as they come down the fierce-way.

Let’s start the show!

Quirky Cupcake
You know the world is coming to an end when confections are waging war! When these marshmallow mercenaries attack its bound to be fierce! But honestly the picture does not do this fierce-ness justice. I urge you to click the link and read the whole epic for yourself. Trust me! Its 5 minutes well spent. The world will never be the same…

Artists in the Kitchen
There’s something fierce about the plumage of the Aztec warrior. The bright colors always signify danger in the natural world but when you add in toothpicks… its just a whole level of fierce-ness. I wouldn’t wanna be around when this Native Mexican cupcake tribe is dominating their competition! Check out those knives in the background too! Thats fierce! Ayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Big Black Dogs
Looks its Daddy Fierce, Mommy Fierce, Jr. Fierce and Daddy’s Little Princess Fierce. The family that is fierce together stays together. Oh and ps… Black licorice hair extensions on Mommy and the faux-hawk on Jr are WAY fierce.
They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re all together ooky,
The Fierce Cupcake Family.

BeanTown Baker
Love me some chocolate art. Doesn’t it remind you of Christian’s signature fierce hair-sprayed bangs? I love it! Artsy is fierce. Mo-dern is fierce. Edible mo-dern art is FEROSH. Enough said.

Shazam in the Kitchen
In Mary’s own words: Why are they fierce? They are in full makeup, their feet look great, and they are a dark and delicious blend of chocolate and cayenne. They’re badass and edgy and luscious. Thanks Mary. I agree. And I think a badass cupcake needs a fierce fairy tale.

Cupcake what fierce big eyes you have.
The better to see you with my dear.
Cupcake what fierce long lashes you have.
The better to flutter at you my dear.
Cupcake what fierce big lips you have.
The better to kiss you with my dear.
Cupcake what fierce big teeth you have.
The better to EAT YOU with my dear. *BURP*

Crazy Delicious Food
I dub thee Christian Cupcake Feet. Christian is fierce. But don’t take my word for it. Click the link to Nikki’s blog and “hear” for yourself. Oh yes. That’s right! Youtube makes everything more fierce. Listen closely. You don’t wanna miss what “Christian” has to say! Its bound to be ferosh!

Cinnamon Love
Bears are fierce. Honey bears kick it up a notch to ferosh. But are they asian honey bears? b/c asians are fierce. Meet the Fierce Asian Honey Bear Cupcake Gang. The one on the top row middle is obviously the leader. Look at those fierce eyebrows. Admit it. You’re scurred.

Its a toilet tranny mess up in here! But its SO tranny it loops around to fierce! If you don’t get Rachel’s fierce cupcake inspiration than you are NOT a PR fan. Just go sulk in the corner and wallow in your god-awful-hideous-ness. Do yourself a favor… DVR the marathon tomorrow night and get with the program!

A wanna-be blogger without a blog. ::chanting:: Get a blog! Get a blog! But she wanted to share her fierce Lemony Raspberry Cupcake recipe. Even her cuppycat taste-tester looks fierce. She tells us that her first attempt at these used ‘lemon flavoring’ instead of lemon extract..BIG difference…so they weren’t too lemony, but the raspberry middle really made up for it! I guess she’ll have to get a blog to share the recipe with the rest of us… ::wink::

^ UPDATED: to add Suzy’s new blog! Ah blog pressure is fierce! ;)


Obviously fierce has many interpretations. Fierce can be a celebratory bunny-eared peep, it can be tribal toothpicks, it can be candy faux hawk, it can be swirly choco-choco frosting art, it can be a razor sharp gap-toothed grin with feet, it can be a Christian cut out head, it can be honey bears, it could be a toilet tea cake, it can be a sneaky cupcake cat.

We’ve seen your cupcake creations and heard what you had to say. We’re gonna have a little chat and announce the winner Friday! HA!

Please forgive us if we missed your entry! Stupid spam. Email and let us know we missed your entry ASAP and we’ll add it to the fierce-way pronto!

In the mean time, leave a comment and tell me and Andrea which cupcake *you* think embodied FIERCE the best. We will be using your comments along with our own score cards to decide the winner.

BONUS POINTS: To the first “designer” that comments about how many times I wrote “fierce” in this blog entry.

PS. Go Christian! We’re rooting for you as the WINNER tonight! You are SO fierce!!



  1. I have been waiting for this all day!

    I can’t possibly choose one fierce cupcake over the other in this competition. They all worked it out so well. It’s just hard! I have to think on this one….
    CHRISTIAN is the most ferosh of all!!!

  2. Friday?!

    Fine, I’ll just go hind behind the translucent screen until then.

    ::insert shadow dance::

  3. ^ that’s what I said Rach.

    It’s ok though you girls should just give Heidi or Mr Cuppycakes? a kiss because you’re Auf’d

  4. Im not scurred. I can wait it out with a cool calmness. Im old school baby.

  5. I’ll have my people contact your people so we can leave a voting comment. I’m simply too busy right now, dah-ling.
    ::grabbing pint sized dog and huffing out of room::

  6. OMG…are you SERIOUSLY going to make us wait another day? I’ve so been waiting for this…

    The competition is fierce…but I can totally deal with it. I know I’m hot sh*t.


  7. My cupcakes vote for themselves because they’re self centered ambitious fierce biotches. :) They’re super ferosh.

    And dude this is some seriously fierce competition. All of them had me cracking up.

  8. How Ferosh are all these cupcakes. Love it!! Much love to my girls, I can’t choose between you.

  9. They are all great but I vote for the Cinnamon Love are the best. GL!

  10. Oh how I couldn’t wait to come check out the fierceness. But I had to wait until I knew for sure Christian clinched what everyone knew was his from Day 1. My daughter and I said fierce so many times last night, giggling until I peed in my granny panties (SO not fierce) that we actually ran the poor ‘ol hubs off. We had Nightmare Burgers for dinner- cause we’re FIERCE!
    Thanks for this- I’ve seriously laughed my butt off reading all the posts and I know how Christian likes his beeyotches skinny emaciated (Don’t eat anything!”) so he’d probably approve of the most non-cupcake cupcake.

  11. I am the most pathetic tranny mess.
    I missed PR last night – omg I almost cried.
    But it was the only time I could get my actress to work, so I had to film…
    But YAY now I know the results and I’m gonna be totally fierce all day.
    And yeah, all those cupcakes are amazing. Best cupcake event ever.

  12. I have a couple of blogs, but they aren’t food related! I’ve got my daily xanga b*tchy blog (xanga.com/thatsmrsmayor2u set to private, just ask for an add) and my I’m having a baby blog (www.ajgssgsesame.blogspot.com). I do so need a food one though!! I’m thinking I’ll be doing baby AND baking on the later one once she gets here though. :)

  13. there it is everyone! Suzy Q-zy’s foodie blog! Mind if I link to you????

  14. Everyone calm down… its just one more day! You can all wait!!! LOL. Its so tough b/c I honestly didn’t think I’d get any entries so I was not prepared for this!

    TW, granny panties are SO not fierce. Whats a nightmare burger? I really want a burger AND fries now. darn you!

    ALLISON, How could you miss it?? tickity tack up in here!

    SUZY Q-ZY, w00t for your new blog! I added it for you to my post. I am all about the linkage so link away! ;)

  15. In my defense I will watch it on youtube as soon as I have time!
    Actors are difficult. Think along the lines of Christian’s prom challenge. Yeah. grrrr actors.

  16. ALLISON, ooohhh I totally cringed. Poor Christian had a heck of a time with that tranny mess. Hey so what do you do that involves actors? How exciting!

  17. Hahaha she WAS a tranny messss!
    I’m a film student… yeah…

  18. http://www.gigglesugar.com/1059178

    I Love this! I wish I had time to bust out some ferosh cupcakery. Mad love to all the contestants!

  19. ASHLEY, no worries. I didn’t give much time to enter so I was shocked at all the great participants! Maybe next time? :)

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