The Fierce Cupcake Awards

March 9, 2008 at 12:19 AM | Posted in cupcakes, youtube | 12 Comments

Apologies for being a day late but there’s really nothing you can do when the Emergency Blogcast System takes over your BU controls.  I didn’t wanna get killed or anything… those EBS peeps are scary mofos!

You are all fierce but… there can only be one FEROSH cupcake!

Congratulations [winner]!

Please email me your address so I can send your fierce prize to you – 24 party nut cups provided by our sponsor IHC!

Thank you to everyone that entered the Fierce Cupcake Challenge! Have a good night.



  1. Bahaha I love it … and the Texan that came out at the beginning of the show ;)

  2. NIKKI, dammit. Thats why I had to slow down for the rest or texan clara rears its cowboy head when I talk too fast.

  3. Oh my. I think someone has too much time on her hands!!

  4. ZEBE, you have no idea how long this took. I obviously have way too much time on my hands. haha.

  5. I think you chose wisely. Well done Mary! Hilarious runway show Clara.

  6. ohmygod, are you serious? This is like team star, like star, like celebrity. It is more fierce than I ever would have thought. Please tell me you watched SNL last night and saw fake Christian!

  7. SLUSH, you were definitely a fierce contender but in the end me and Andrea felt that Mary’s cupcake embodied Christian’s fierce-ness feroshiously. hehe.

    ANDREA, Noooo!! I didn’t! ::off to youtube SNL video::

  8. wow! that is seriously hilarious! you go big CB…. you’re not messin around!

  9. That’s the best winner video ever! So annoyed I got sick, I wanted to enter so much! Love the cupcake topper pics.

  10. JOY, ty ty! hehe. I always get ideas but sometimes they don’t turn out the way I want. Thankfully this idea worked out great. Couldn’t have done it without my techno savvy brother though. If it were just me, you’d have seen me doing finger puppets with christian and VB cupcakes. No music, no applause, no backdrop… LOL

    LT, bummer! darn sick germs. definitely next time, k? :)

  11. Loved the video! Congrats to Shazam for sweeping the competition!!

  12. SUZYQ, thanks! thanks for participating! Hope you had fun :)

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