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I admit that I get tween-age giggles when people leave me comments or email me about something I’ve written in my blog b/c that means I “actually” have readers! So imagine my surprise when fellow members of the foodie blog community deem me worthy enough for awards too! sniff. You love me. You really love me. ♥

Isn’t this the sweetest award? Who doesn’t want to make someone’s day better, sweeter and brighter right? Thanks to fellow TWDers April and Caitlin for bestowing this award on me! I am getting all warm and fuzzy inside. You say I make your day… well… you made *MY* day! Now its my turn to make 10 more peoples’ days…

Can I get a w00tw00t for the following blogs…?

1 Crazy Delicious Food
2 Quirky Cupcake
3 Tangerine-Tart
4 Lemon Tartlet and the Dust Bunnies
5 Winer Lover’s Cooking Diary
6 Born to Entertain
7 Artists in the Kitchen
8 Love Sweet Love
9 BB’s Fantabulous Life
10 Brighter than Sunshine

And just when I thought my day couldn’t get any sweeter…

My fabulous cupcake friend, Laurie praised me with the Excellent Blog Award. I have been her biggest fan ever since participating in my first Cupcake Hero challenge in December 2007. She has single-handedly organized an international cupcake baking event with her own time, creativity and funds. It’s grown so big that she has to hire a staff now! If that wasn’t enough to be impressed she also heads up Tuesdays w/ Dorie too. I am constantly in awe. I always tell her that I could never do what she does. I am truly blessed to be in her presence albeit via the blogosphere.

I would like to continue the excellent tradition by passing this “E” to 5 of my favorite blogs… I get ecstatic when I see any of these blogs pop up in my GR! (Personally I think we need to change the E —> F for fierceeeee. Don’t you agree? LOL)

1 Master Baker
– Master baker has only been in existence for less than 1 month and its already becoming a foodie blog event powerhouse to reckon with. Her first ingredient challenge brought in over 50 entries! I would not be surprised if Master Baker becomes a household name like Betty Crocker or Aunt Jemima someday…

2 All Things Cupcake | The Tattooed Mama
– Just as the title describes, this blog is anything and everything cupcake: recipes, news, decor, accessories, jewelry, clothing, books etc. This all cupcake emcompassing blog was started by The Tattooed Mama and has expanded to 10 contributing writers! There are many cupcake blogs out there but ATC has that great variety of contributors that bring their own cupcake charisma to every entry. (I might be a little biased ::winkwink::)

3 The Look 4 Less
– My frugal but always chic friend, Jen, has a knack for affordable imitation fashion that is SO fierce! I have a love and hate relationship with her blog. My overflowing closet loves her but my maxed out credit card hates her! LOL. It doesn’t help that F21 just opened a HUGE store within walking distance to my house last month either! I am so screwed! haha.

4 Blake Makes
– I am a relatively new reader to the Blake Makes blog but I love it. (Thanks Laurie for pointing me towards the Blake Makes direction!) I was fortunate enough to get some of his coveted PBDDL a couple weeks ago. He deserves praise for sharing his love of food and writing with the masses.

5 Cakespy
– I honestly can’t remember how I “met” Jessie but I am so glad I did! She is the “head spy” responsible for the Cakespy blog and also the arteest for all Cakespy art. Check out her etsy store if you haven’t already. Wouldn’t they be adorable in a baby girl’s cupcake theme nursery too? (*wink* Suzy Q-zy *wink*) I would love to have a gallery of her work someday soon. (Just waiting for that lottery money to kick in. Can’t a girl get a win soon?)

Feel free to pass on the award love! I know a couple of my favorites have already received it but obviously that validates their excellence right? If you are a multiple award receiver don’t worry about passing it on (again). Just wanted to let you all know how much I lurve reading all your blogs… Keep on blogging!

I also want to thank my readers! Its crazy to me that you all take time out of your busy lives to indulge in my literary loony-ness. Nothing but blog-love for ya… *MUAH*



  1. Just call me Betty :P

  2. NIKKI, You know it! Rock on Betty Baker!

  3. I mean I know on the cakespy art for a baby room!! Trust me..I already dropped cakespy that hint (I was really gunning for the art giveaway last month!), and I’ve got them on my etsy favorite’s list!!!
    You deserve praise!! I know I feel way more cupcake creative since “meeting” you…that and my brother is in lurve with your snickerdoodle cuppys!

  4. SUZYQ, loverly! Jessie really is fab and totally sweet. I am bummed I didn’t get her free giveaway either but hopefully there will be more in the future ;) So glad your brother loved the cupcake!

  5. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  6. MUAH back at ya babe!

  7. Bummer, I guess I’d better get on the ball with posting. I didn’t even get an honorable mention :-(

  8. SLUSH, you are so fab. nft.

    ZEBE, you totally need to do more BUing! Find your nitch and stick with it. You should seriously join TWD with me. Its right up your baking alley! :)

  9. Feeling very warm and fuzzy now! In the good way, not in the sweaty and covered in tree pollen way.

  10. LT, good I think? bahaha.

  11. Love all around…we make each other’s days!!!


  12. Glad to make your day! I love reading your blog!

    Does Zebe have a blog? I am not sure which one it is to check it out.

  13. APRIL, Thats true! Dawn, you need to link your blog to your name. Here you go Apri: Z’s blog.

  14. Awwwwwww!

  15. RACHEYPOO, all you girl.

  16. I think my lack of linking in my signature depends on which computer I’m on. Internet explorer does weird things to my login that mozilla doesn’t. If I didn’t have a job, and actually had a computer that would cooperate, I would probably update more. Lately, I feel I barely have time to cook, much less post. If someone wants to pay me to stay home all day, I would be more than happy too. I think that April would take someone up on that offer too.

  17. ZEBE, let’s rephrase. I work. I just don’t sleep! I have a feeling that T doesn’t know my name anymore. LOL. I always say that would be my perfect job – SAHB.

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